It's that time of year when our attention is on Jesus death and resurrection. 

Picture this, Jesus knows that in a few hours he will be put to death in a very cruel manner. 

He meets with his apostles for his last meal with them. If you were him just imagine what would be going through your mind. What would he do in a form of a lesson.

Remember Jesus prior to this evening the apostles were arguing about who was the greatest one of them. This wasn't the first time he had tried to reason with them about this problem that would suffice for time to time.

What would he do that was so significant that it was recorded in the bible for all time as a lesson for us.

Jesus washed their feet. That was custom as one's feet would be dirty from walking on dirt from unpaved roads. Upon entering a house a servant would wash the feet of who ever entered.

Now, what is the lesson. We need to be humble, he certainly the greatest man of all time. Yet he is taking the position of a servant. How would you feel if you were in the position of the apostles. I'm sure they were so ashamed of themselves. A good lesson for each of us after reading this account from the bible. 

Really we are all born equal. So from that point what we do will determine how we look in God's eyes. We can't do it perfectly but God will know that we try and he will help us.

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