A journey back to the good old days: A moment in time

A journey back to the good old days: A moment in time

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Life is so short. We never seem to have enough time for all we would like to do. We jump from one thing to another and never get a thing accomplished.

This came to mind this morning as I went out to the yard to do nothing special . I could hear the birds singing their morning song. Heard it so many times.

Then everything in my mind just stopped. Earl, just listen to them. I could think of only what my ears were taking in all the way down to my heart.

I got my hearing aids a while ago and remembered how wonderful it was, but I never put things in perspective. I remember saying how great it was to hear the birds. I thought how great it was to hear again things I had forgotten.

I just stood there, closed my eyes and drank in that beautiful symphony. Man has that capability and there before me was what god has given me to start my day. Not just me but all of mankind. It was a reminder that God loved us so much that he gave us so many kinds of birds, all so beautiful to the eyes and ears. He gave them all a different song. So we mere humans could enjoy them with both eyes and ears.

Take time to reflect on how God loves us in just this one aspect of our busy lives. If God loves us so very much why not take time and let him know we love him too.

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