Looking back in Lemoore

Looking back in Lemoore

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Betty Bowden

Betty Bowden

20 Years Ago

Centennial promises to work havoc on diets. This weekend dieters throughout Lemoore will be hard pressed to stay on the straight and narrow. Starting at 6 on Friday evening with a downtown barbecue to the last lick of ice cream at the Sarah Mooney Museum on Sunday afternoon, even Richard Simmons couldn’t keep locals and their guests from indulging in sweet, delicious sin. And don’t think Saturday is left out. After the parade, everyone will gather at City Park for hot dogs and lemonade as the Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department does battle in an old-fashioned fireman’s muster, (Not mustard, although there will be plenty of that for the hot dogs.)

 Rep. Cal Dooley (D-Hanford), announced last week “an agricultural emergency in California” as a result of the glassy-winged sharpshooter outbreak. Washington will release $22.3 million in federal funds to help contain and control the sharpshooter, which causes the spread of the vineyard-destroying Pierce’s Disease. The federal funding will be complemented by $14 million in California state funding for sharpshooter control that is contained in Gov. Gray Davis’ budget, bringing a total of $36.3 million toward the sharpshooter control effort.

25 Years Ago

Lemoore City Councilman Jeff Toborg took up the gauntlet Monday, thrown down by resident Gwen Landrus, spending the day in a wheelchair to see what a disabled person must endure to make their way around the city offices and to and from local businesses. Tolborg, 25, braved 108-degree temperatures to wheel around town during the early afternoon hours. By the time the circuit was done, Toborg’s hands were blistered and raw, his face dripping with sweat from the physical exertion. “It’s been a real eye-opener,” Toborg said. “The great thing about this is I get to get up and walk at the end of the day.” Toborg was surprised by what he found. Those surprises included difficulty entering City Hall even with doors unlocked, (Landrus had been denied access to City Hall to pay her water bill. She said there are times when the front door to City Hall – the one accessible by the handicapped -- is locked during business hours),uneven sidewalks in the downtown district and curbing and roads that forced him to change his intended path or simply seek assistance from those he was with. Toborg said he will bring his experiences to the city’s pending Downtown Revitalization Plan so issues of accessibility in the city’s sphere of responsibility are addressed.

30 Years Ago

The Kings Amateur Radio Club held its annual Field Day Saturday, June 23, at the City Park, for the purpose of judging their readiness in case of an emergency. This 24-hour exercise was supervised by emergency Coordinator Carleton Reed and Club President Mike Bezera. To verify ham skills and expertise, a license is required to legally operate the radios. All ham clubs are governed by the FCC and bound by stringent regulations and laws. One FCC license requirement is the knowledge of Morse Code.

90 Years Ago

On the vacant lot east of the building occupied by the Advance Printing Co. (236 Heinlen street), extending north from C street to the alley running parallel with D street, Lemoore’s first miniature golf course will soon blossom out and probably before the middle of July, young folks and older ones will be enjoying the sport that took the Southland. The idea originated “way down in Dixie at the Fairyland Inn on Lookout Mountain just outside of Chattanooga, Tenn.” Credit for the local debut of miniature golf will soon belong to F.A. Jackson, owner of the attractive Reed & Bell Root Beer Stand at the corner of Heinlen and C streets, south of the Lemoore Advance office.

110 Years Ago

There is going to be something doing every minute on July 4th in Lemoore. The committee on sports have arranged the following program of races and will give cash prizes of $2.50 to the winners: 50 yard foot race, boys under 15 years; 50 yard foot race girls; 50 yard foot race free-for-all; 50 yard foot race married women; 50 yard foot race for old men; 50 yard foot race for fat men; 100 yard free-for-all, $ to winner; One-half mile race, $10 to winner; Obstacle race, $7.50 to winner; Standing broad jump, $2.50 to winner; and High jump, $2.50 to winner.

An addition to the grandstand in the park is being erected this week for the celebration of July 4th.


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