Artwork by Jeff Pickens of Old Foxx Tattoo is shown. 

VISALIA — Arts Visalia presents "Tattoo," an exhibition featuring works that are connected by ink. The exhibition will showcase a wide variety of tattoo talent consisting of tattoo sketches, photography of tattoos, three-dimensional artworks and other artworks made by tattoo artists and artists that showcase tattoos in their works.

The exhibition will open from 6-8 p.m. Friday, April 5 and will run from April 3-26. 

The art of marking skin with ink has evolved over time. From ancient to modern tattoo practices, tattoos generally feature decorative, symbolic or pictorial meanings and are sometimes used for branding. Tattoos have been referred to as uncivilized in the past, but have become more accepted by culture.

"Tattoo" will take a look into the creative process of tattoos and the different depictions represented. This exhibition may contain some nudity in order to show the full range of tattoos on the body.

Arts Visalia’s Young Imaginations Gallerywill display the artworks of the 5-17 year old participants of our children’s classes year-round.

In May 2019, Arts Visalia will display the works of Teresa Getty, a mixed media abstract artist from Seattle, Washington. Each of her paintings has a story that begins with an everyday experience, a current event, an experience shared with her daughter, or simply a looking and seeing moment. While she works, memories surface and the work walks itself back into the past. Without censorship, she allows them to flow into her mark, into her responses of lines and color. Each piece slowly mimics life, then has aggressive cuts and extraction, and lastly is buried underneath layers of material.

May also brings Arts Visalia’s biggest fundraiser, the annual Orchid Sale. Select from a wide variety of beautiful Phalaenopsis orchids, noon to 5:30 p.m. May 4-11.

Arts Visalia’s adult and children’s spring art classes continue at Arts Visalia through May. For more information and class descriptions, go to artsvisalia.org, call at 559-739-0905, or visit the gallery at 214 E. Oak Ave., Visalia.

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