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Some of the winners of the cosplay contest pose with the judges at the Ohana Comic Con at the Kings Fair in Hanford in this February 2019 file photo. 

Before we get into this week’s column, I’d just like to extend a “thank you” to my house’s vigilant watchdog. At the beginning of that 7.1 earthquake last week, thought I was just imagining things. How could two earthquakes happen in just two days, I thought. This must be a garbage truck driving by.

But then I saw him. My Captain America bobblehead, nodding to me from across the room, affirming that, yes, this is a real earthquake.

Shortly thereafter, the rest of my living room chimed in.

Being a borderline hoarder, my living room is a great indicator of when an earthquake is happening. My tall stacks of DVDs and books sway in the air, like skyscrapers on a windy day, threatening to topple if the Richter scale reaches a critical point.

But just as soon as Capt. America’s bobbles started, they stopped (though it felt like 10 minutes at the time).

So, thanks for the warning, Cap.   On a related note, my dog and cat slept through the earthquakes, so they’ve been demoted in the family hierarchy.

Anyway, I’ll be on vacation next week, which is a shame because there are two very fun non-earthquake-related events happening in Hanford while I’m gone.

‘Jaws’ at the Fox

It’s the movie that made us afraid to go in the water. Any water.

I remember being a kid and irrationally thinking that a shark could be in my local public pool – that’s how scary “Jaws” is.

The 1975 Steven Spielberg classic is as good today as it was when it was first released.

The genius of the film is that it proves Franklin Roosevelt’s old adage that the only thing to fear is fear itself.

The scariest thing in the movie isn’t the shark – it’s the possibility of a shark.

For the majority of the film, the audience never sees the shark. We see swimmers. We see underwater movement. Then we see the spot where a swimmer used to be. And it’s horrifying because our imaginations fill in the gaps.

Spielberg used this to great effect in “Jurassic Park” years later, leading an entire generation of kids to irrationally fear animals that had been extinct for 65 million years.

The film screens at the Fox at 7 p.m. Friday, July 12. Advance Tickets: $5 cash or $6 via credit card plus a $2 restoration fee. Day of Show: $6 cash or $7 credit card plus a $2 restoration fee per order.

The 2-hour-10-minute movie is rated PG, but it was a different time and “PG” in 1975 stood for “Pretty Grisly.”

Ohana Comic Con returns

The Ohana Comic Con is coming back to Kings County. For the uninitiated, it’s basically a nerd circus.

No matter what fandom you’re a part of – Bronies, Moonies, Trekkies, Wovians, Sherlockians, Potterheads – there’s bound to be something at the Ohana Comic Con for you among the vendor booths.

And if beautiful, life-affirming consumerism isn’t your thing, there’s also the cosplay contest. Sure, there are prizes for winning, but the joy that comes along with everyone dressing up like it’s Halloween in the middle of the summer is better than any prize. Unless that prize is “The Avengers” issue No. 55.

Changing venues from previous events, the comic con will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, July 21 at the Hanford Fraternal Hall Association, 1015 N. 10th Ave., Hanford.

Visit www.facebook.com/TurlockComicCon/ for more information.

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