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I was intrigued by and article published in the Sentinel in last Saturday's weekend edition entitled "Creating a day of serenity by celebrating holidays solo." I read it with interest as I too enjoy time alone, especially in the midst of holidays. It is good to take time to reflect and gather meaningful thoughts as the article, which quotes several accomplished people expressing their thoughts on this way of quiet yet meaningful celebration, details.

However as I reached the end of the article I was disturbed to read that Jaylo Miko Mascasaquit, an obviously seemingly educated person, is quoted as saying that he "grew up in a very Mormon-like religious environment that prohibited celebration of most major holidays" including (quoting the article now) "Christmas and Easter."

Anyone who is remotely associated with "Mormons" i.e. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, knows that we joyfully celebrate holidays, especially Christmas and Easter! The reporter who wrote this article, and there was no byline or I would have written that person directly, obviously did not fact check this assertion, which when any legally established organization is mentioned they are obligated to do in something they publish, to insure the integrity of the reporting.

So let me, a life long and happily devoted "Mormon," set things in order. We believe in Jesus Christ with every fiber of our being and we celebrate His birth in traditional ways.  This includes giving gifts and "presents" which the quoted Macasaquit says he never got. We as a committed people strive to emphasize the reason we celebrate, and all we do is centered around the birth of Him who's we are.

As for Easter, it is the most sacred of holidays to us and we are so worshipful, happy, and thankful for what the Savior has done for us all. The children in our families still get Easter Baskets but the emphasis of the whole week is on our Lord and Savior and His sacrifice for, and his gifts to, us.

We also celebrate Thanksgiving and Memorial Day and Veterans Day and the 4th of July, and we proudly and respectfully salute the American Flag which is an emblem of things we hold dear concerning this country.

Saundra Phelps


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