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Kick Back with Janie: How do I get through to my wild sister?
Kick Back with Janie

Kick Back with Janie: How do I get through to my wild sister?

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janie isidoro

Janie M. Isidoro

Sister, sister porque estas loca?

Why are our sisters crazy? Wait — we are the crazy sisters, too!

This Wednesday is dedicated to our sisters. Last week I said we would talk sisters this week and I will not disappoint you, believe that!

My sister always dragged me around with her, being that she had a better chance of leaving and staying out late if she had me with her. But as we got older that became a plus for me as well as her, wink wink.

Even now my sister spoils me every chance I get did I tell you I’m 37 and she’s... wait I better not say her age — she may not like that.

But all siblings fight and this week’s question is about just that.

“My sister and me are two years apart. She separated from her husband and she’s acting like she isn’t a mother and 15 again, and she isn’t. I have told her straight up what she is doing isn’t OK and I’ve told her several times. And now she won’t talk to me. What do I do?”

Well, hermana, let’s start with the fact that you voiced your opinion several times already. No need to keep repeating yourself. It’s obvious she’s going to do what she wants, and this isn’t a good enough reason for you guys to not be talking. Really, it isn’t. You guys are ride or dies por vida, for life.

We most definitely have to pick our battles. She is a grown adult and you let her know what’s up. No need to keep reminding her, as I am almost positive she hasn’t forgot what you told her the other x amount of times. Let her make her choices and you be straight forward at all times. 

But there is just no reason to keep schooling her when she is obviously going to do what she wants. But, by no means am I saying to stand there and have her back. If you don’t approve, then take a step back, you don’t have to be involved. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can only control yourself, not anyone else. 

So listen up, Jente, a sister is such an important role in our lives and being a sister is important también. My best memories are with my sister, she makes me laugh and drives me crazy. Which I’m sure I do the same. But regardless I love her. Keep that in mind even when you want to choke her!

Keep those questions coming, Jente, I’m all ears and eyes. 

Janie Isidoro is a local author and owner of the bookstore My Corazon – Libros Y Cultura, located in downtown Hanford. Email her your relationship questions to


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