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Looking Back in Lemoore

Looking Back in Lemoore

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20 Years Ago

Liberty Middle School band director and Lemoore Elementary School District music instructor David Glyde will be at the 2000 Olympics held in Sydney, Australia, but he won’t even have a chance at any of the medals, let alone get his face on a Wheaties box. Instead, when the athletes make their first formal entrance into the stadium, the music they march to will be Glyde’s. Glyde will compose about 20 minutes of “entertainment music” to entertain the audience prior to the parade of athletes and approximately 100 minutes of march music for the athletes’ parade.

25 Years Ago

Students at Mary Immaculate Queen School (MIQ) have been very busy with their extracurricular activities, the past few weeks. The students have been studying their spelling words, math equations, and reciting poems to prepare for the upcoming events scheduled around the Valley. The following nine students will be participating in the Peach Blossom Festival held at Fresno State University: Kellie Emge, Courtney Toomey, Matthew Billingsley and Michael Machado, Katie Oliveira, Johanna Bertao and Amanda Borges, and Danette Leal with Kimberley Dudley. The County Spelling Bee will have the following students: Cassidy Chronister, Ellen Billingsley, John Mendoza, Courtney Toomey, Justin Mendes, Lacey Ellsworth, Kaycee Fontes, Megan Matute, Jenny Mendoza, CeCe Trimble, Julie Levinson, Mary Mendoza, Christy Stone, Barbara Worthington, Amy Ellsworth, and Lourdes Valdez. Trying to calculate during the Kings County Math-A-Thon will be Tara Allen, Amy Ellsworth, John David Evangelo, James Harder, Antonette Lesaca, Erika Scott, Caren Carreiro, Jad Crusha, Michael Brughelli, Marcello Soares, and Christy Stone.

85 Years Ago

“The old order changeth”—so ruminated Sport, venerable old bird dog and constant companion of Lemoore’s chief of police, Henry Dickenson. Sport probably knows more about local crime, bad yeggs and night life than any three persons in Lemoore, and because he has never been known to talk at the wrong time, Sport has been privileged to accompany the police chief when he tracks down criminals, when he cruises watchfully about town, and when he goes hunting for jack-rabbits. But things changed radically, Monday, and Sport was left at home wondering if he should have made fewer nose marks on the old Hudson car windows. Possibly immaculate conduct in the past would have earned him the right to accompany the police chief when he drove away from home in a shiny black coupe with clear window panes. With one look at the new police car, a fond glance at the old green sedan, Sport wagged his tail and reflected. “Well, it was nice of Byron to give his dad the new car, and maybe the chief won’t be so particular about these clean windows later on.”

95 Years Ago

Mrs. T.W. Standart sustained a dislocated foot when she jumped from her automobile last Monday. Together with her husband, she was traveling on the highway about one mile southwest of town, and when passing a sand wagon drawn by one mule and one horse, the team became unruly. Mrs. Standart jumped from her car while it was in motion and dislocated her foot. The sand wagon was demolished before the driver, Joe Beaver, could get the team under control.

Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Apperson and daughters, Marie and Marjorie, and son Delbert, and Dolores Fulghum enjoyed a week-end visit with the former’s father, J.K. Apperson and brother W.L. Apperson who are mining in the Sierra Nevada mountains. This was the first occasion on which Mrs. Apperson, or the children, had seen snow, and they were delighted with their frolics and games in the snow. They enjoyed the wonderful wild flowers of the mountains and came back with a generous gathering of wild buttercups, daisys, violets and pansies. They made the trip through Mariposa and met and talked to several of the pioneers of that town, who told them many things of interest concerning the early mining days, during the California “gold rush.”

After a bus driver in London refused to proceed with his bus until a woman carrying a pet monkey got out, the woman was arrested and charged with blocking traffic.

100 Years Ago

Last night at Visalia, the managers of the five towns of last year’s San Joaquin Valley Baseball League, namely Coalinga, Hanford, Visalia, Dinuba and Lemoore met, organized and adopted an eight club league for the season, The following cities being added to the above to complete the league: Bakersfield, Porterville and Exeter. The first game, of the season, will be played Sunday, April 4, and games continue until sometime in September.

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