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30 Years Ago

How to “fix” a deep valley gutter on “E” Street at Heinlen which forces motorists to slow to a crawl or else cause major damage to the underside of their vehicles was the major issue discussed at the Lemoore City Council meeting Tuesday night, Nov. 15.

If you enjoy dinner theater, then don’t miss the Lemoore Cultural Arts Festival’s presentation of the Neil Simon play “Star Spangled Girl.” The play will open tomorrow, Nov. 18, at the Cotton Mill Restaurant Baleyard Room. Other performances are slated for Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. Starring in the comedy are Dottie Anselmino – also the director – as Sophie Rauschmeyer, Robert Harrah as Norman Cornell and Ray Musaccahio as Andy Hobart.

35 Years Ago

A committee has been established to examine the possibility of constructing a permanent Senior Nutrition Center in Lemoore. During Tuesday night’s Lemoore City Council meeting, Mayor Don Casten announced he had selected an 11-person committee, representing varied interests within the community. Those named are Marlene Bass, Mary Jones, John Dudley, Allen Gilkey, Gerald Webster, Judy Pierson, John Davis, Dominic Faruzzi, Gene Stebbins, John Grundon, and Al Addy.

Stratford Elementary School recently pulled off a sweep of the area girls elementary school volleyball league. The “A” division was captured by Stratford with an 11-0 season record, 6-0 in league. The team also won the Pioneer Invitational Tourney and the West Kings League Tournament.

65 Years Ago

Weather in the past week has been characterized by a heavy rainfall, a couple days of fog, then bright clear days with temperatures rising from freezing at night to mid-50s or better at midday. According to the rainfall gauge at City Hall, Lemoore received .98 inches last Saturday and .10 inches Sunday.

Results of state surveys of the Florabel Ranch to determine its adaptability as a site for a medium security prison have revealed that the highwater table would present a problem but it is not considered insurmountable. In other physical aspects, it is completely satisfactory.

75 Years Ago

How Many Boys From Lemoore Won’t Come Back? Nobody knows the exact number. Nobody. But—The number who do come back—on their own two feet instead of in a flag-draped box—will be in exact proportion to the job we do here at home. For every minute that we can help shorten the war will mean more lives saved. (213 Americans were killed in the final day of the last war, and 1,114 were wounded before the 11:00 o’clock Armistice took effect. One way all of us can help shorten the war is to tighten our belts and buy more War Bonds. Yes, still more. And… If you think you’re buying all the War Bonds you are able to, imagine—for a minute—that it’s after the war…you’re standing at the station…a bunch of hometown boys, still in uniform, climb off the train…one of them kisses his wife and grabs his kids in his arms…and then he turns to a young woman beside them, a girl who looks like his wife’s sister, and you overhear him say…”Catherine, I don’t know how to tell you how sorry I am…it’s such a shame about Joe…it makes me sick all over when I think how he’d be here today if the war had only ended a week sooner.” Think it over. Can’t you buy a few more War Bonds to help end the war that week or month sooner? Sure, it may mean giving up something, but what’s that compared to what they’re giving up? And remember, always—The money you “can’t spare” may spare a soldier’s life! Buy More Bonds to Save More Lives

Meeting last evening to delineate plans for the collection of heavy farm scraps to add to the Victory Scrap Bank stockpiles, were the members of the Lemoore area of the Highway Patrol Auxiliary. “Heavy farm scrap is needed for the stockpiles of the nation” emphasized local Salvage head, H.S. Breitigam, Lemoore chairman who presided at last night’s session.

80 Years Ago

Misses Betty Allis, Sally Newton and Jewell Rose plan to attend the Stanford-California game this weekend. They will leave on the Streamliner tomorrow morning, Miss Rose will spend Thanksgiving vacation in San Francisco with her sister, Mrs. Lee Ruggeri.

Students of Lemoore High School will present “Pickles,” an operetta, tonight at 8:15 in the auditorium. Leading roles will be portrayed by Selinabel Smith and James Merker. Other students making up the cast are Arthur Toovey, Velma Thomsen, James Orton, Guy Badasci, Thomas Blakeley, George Wainscoat, Samuel Beard, Leland Burch, and Barbara Poindexter.

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