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20 Years Ago

It’s nearly election time, and I, for one, am glad that this campaign season is about to end. As usual, it has been a largely contentious, ugly six months. While political races have always been fraught with innuendo and accusation, there are also serendipitous moments where everyone seems to be fighting for the same thing. We have to go back 105 years for this one, to the spring of 1893. On March 23, California Governor H.H. Markham signed a bill creating Kings County and appointed a commission to carry out the first elections. The three parties (Republican, Democrat and People’s Party) worked together, and the coalition was a successful one. When the votes were tallied in May 1893, the new county easily made the two-thirds majority required for ratification. Of course, Tulare not only contested but loudly protested the loss of so large a part of its territory and the funds that went with it. Without a large and enthusiastic electorate turning out to vote, the two-thirds majority might have been impossible to achieve.

30 Years Ago

“There is no list of bases to be closed. At least not yet,” said Lemoore Naval Air Station spokesman Dennis McGrath when asked about a U.S. News and World Report article that included LNAS among the U.S. military installations most likely to be closed under a cost-cutting program approved by Congress. “We’re the Navy’s largest jet base. We’re the Navy’s newest jet base. We have room to accommodate additional squadrons. It wouldn’t make sense to close us,” McGrath continued. Moffett Field in the Bay Area and El Toro near San Diego have problems with development encroaching on their air space and would thus be far more likely targets for closing, according to McGrath.

35 Years Ago

”Big bucks” bingo is finally coming to the Santa Rosa Rancheria. Announced last June and originally scheduled for operation this month, the Rancheria’s Tachi Indians will open the 1,100 seat Southgate Bingo Palace a week from Friday night, “grand opening,” more than $30,000 in prizes will be awarded to customers expected from throughout the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast area.

Completion of Lemoore’s newest restaurant, The Cotton Mill, is expected by the end of next month and an opening date set for Wednesday, Dec. 7. The 6,300 square foot restaurant — developed by the Oliveira family — includes a dining area accommodating 112 patrons, banquet room and a lounge capable of seating approximately 125 people. The patio will also have a dining area. Designed by Dave Roach of Hanford, The Cotton Mill is utilizing a theme of cotton farming in its infancy, specifically the 1930s and 1940s time frame. With a menu specialty of beef, The Cotton Mill’s head chef is Art Segal, who has been in the Lemoore area since last August.

Island School Citizens of the Week are Shea McDowell, kindergarten; Scott Fetterhoff, first grade; Jennifer Oliveira, second grade; and Palmira Teixeira, third grade.

65 Years Ago

Mild weather, in fact surprisingly warm at midday, prevailed during the past week and the cotton harvest has taken advantage of it.

Winners of the various Lemoore Day race winners were Darryl Warnock, Billy Hope, Russell Collins, Sterling Laureano, Frank Valli and Kenneth Wedderburn. Joe Carvalho won the greased pig contest.

75 Years Ago

Fun for the youngsters, and the grown-ups too, will be the third annual Halloween Promenade on Saturday night. The children will meet at seven o’clock in front of the Washington School where the parade will form. The costumed youngsters will parade on Bush Street east to Heinlen, north on Heinlen to D Street, returning south on Hill to the Lincoln School. At the Lincoln Auditorium they will view a show and enjoy a “treat.” Children may carry flashlights if they wish. However, no lighted candles will be allowed in the parade lines.

80 Years Ago

Lester and Spencer Kleinhammer, Andrew Reynolds, and Kenneth Protzman motored last weekend to Concord where they fished for striped bass. They brought home four limits, weighing from three to fifteen pounds per fish.

Lloyd Coats is announcing the new location of his store which will be moved to the McDonald building just west of the bank on D Street. The new store will feature a men’s lounge for the convenience of patrons of the establishment. Included in Mr. Coats’ merchandise are Stetson hats, Florsheim shoes, Cheney cravats, Cooper underwear and other well-known lines.

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