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20 Years Ago

Lemoore Elementary School had the first of several Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R) days on Monday, Dec. 7. On this day, the students, staff, and many visitors took time off to settle down and read. In the school’s library at 11:30, Lemoore’s Mayor Ed Martin was reading The Worst Person’s Christmas to Mrs. Dudley’s fourth graders. Students set enraptured by the story and by the fact that the tall high school teacher was actually taking his time to stop by and read to them. Other guest readers for the fall D.E.A.R. included Ron Meade, Dale Ellis, John Johnson, Cindy Freeman, and Paul Schone.

25 Years Ago

Jim Ross was remembered by students, teachers, friends, and family last Thursday, just two days after the anniversary of his sudden death. The P, W, Engvall Middle School Teacher was honored with a granite monument on the grounds of the Lemoore middle school where he taught for 16 years. The graduating class of 1992 purchased the engraved stone as their gift to the school.

One of Lemoore’s most colorful and friendliest citizens passed away Saturday, Dec. 4, at the age of 82. Moses “Mose” Martin died in a Hanford hospital. Martin was a well-known citizen who lived in Lemoore with his wife Mary and family for much of his life. He was involved in many civic affairs and was a friend to almost everyone who knew him. Born in Los Banos, his family moved to Stratford where he attended Stratford Grammar School. He was a contract milk hauler for the old Danish Creamery for many years and also operated a dairy and farmed. He later became a ditch tender and worked for 25 years for the Lemoore Canal Company.

35 Years Ago

Lemoore High junior Ron Overmyer was selected by his Tiger varsity football teammates as the 1983 season’s most valuable player at the Kiwanis Club’s Annual Football banquet held last night.

Scorpion milk is worth $2,800 a gram now for vaccine research. But it’s hard to get. Not that there aren’t plenty of scorpions. There are. But scorpion milkers are scarce.

Sale of hearing aides has gone up by 40 percent since President Ronald Reagan started wearing one of the same.

Overheard: “The typical hypochondriac tends to overdose on Vitamin I.”

75 Years Ago

“Bell Hop” dance takes place tomorrow night. The bells are Christmas bells we’re told, and the event is planned by Lemoore belles (tch! tch!). Chairman of the novelty dance evening is Miss Armon Horsanian.

Stolen cars figured in a “turn about is fair play” episode here last night. Chief of Police Bryan Short located a Buick from Hanford parked in front of the Lemoore Theatre, and when, as time went on, no one appeared to claim it, he called Hanford police. “Do you have a missing Buick?” inquired Short. “Yup. And do you have a missing car registered to John Harrah of Lemoore?” said the Hanford Police department, evidencing a nice bit of reciprocity. “That’s right,” said Short. And in a brief time, both cars were returned to their respective cities, leaving the police departments wondering who it was that took a ride to Hanford and back (or vice-versa) in a “borrowed car.”

95 Years Ago

Fire of unknown origin in Stratford last Sunday night destroyed the Morris Garage and four automobiles. The chemical engine from Lemoore responded to the call for assistance.

J.W. Thomas presented all of his patrons with a chance on a 16-pound turkey and John Day was the lucky winner. The family dinner is to be held at his home on next Sunday.

John Nunes is finishing a house near the Kings River bridge.

105 Years Ago

The citrus fair at Visalia, which has been going on for the past ten days has proven to be one of the most interesting shows ever held in history.

The Kings River Canal and Irrigation Company had an important meeting Monday night for the purpose of extending the canal across to the Cross Creek delta northeast of Tulare lake.

Fire of unknown origin destroyed part of the Lakeview School house on Tuesday evening, and only through the hard fighting of the workmen who are putting up a building near by was the structure saved.

Appropriate Christmas programs will be held by the pupils of the different Sunday Schools on Christmas Eve.

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