20 Years Ago

One of the oldest buildings in Lemoore has been getting a much needed facelift over the past few weeks and while its façade has already been entirely revitalized, there are hopes and plans for rehabilitating the Oak Rooms into a bustling center for shopping or living. Owned by Judge Carlos Baker, a one time resident of the City of Lemoore, the Oak Rooms, located along ‘E’ Street near Fox, have been around for more than a century. “It says 1894 out there on the front,” Baker commented, going on to say it could easily be the oldest building in the town. “It really could be, it’s right there in what was the center of town. It used to be the original fish market, they would bring fish in (on the train) from San Francisco.” He explained. “Then later they had a dance hall up stairs.” Some people even say that the Oaks Rooms, once upon a time, served as a house of ill-repute. “Most of those are all just rumors,” Baker says.

25 Years Ago

What is and what isn’t a wetlands has become a focal point in the year-old debate over pending reauthorization of the 20-year-old federal Endangered Species Act. How the definition question is answered will have a dramatic effect on much of the San Joaquin Valley, particularly where agriculture is concerned.

Lemoore’s annual Farmers Market is winding down as the weather cools and the produce growing seasons come to a close. The weekly event is still bringing local growers to “D” Street to sell their fresh pickings, and buyers are snatching up the quality produce.

Scientist have learned that agricultural crops remove a tremendous amount of pollution from San Joaquin Valley air, according to David Grantz, a University of California plant physiologist who studies air quality at the Kearney Agricultural Center near Parlier. Crops like cotton, corn, grapes, fruit trees and even unirrigated rangeland pasture absorbs hundreds of thousands of pounds of ozone per day. The San Joaquin Valley’s 1.1 million acres of cotton takes up 325,000 pounds of ozone per day. The Valley’s nearly 6 million acres of unirrigated rangeland takes up 415,000 pounds of ozone per day.

100 Years Ago

The Trustees of the Lemoore High School are installing new forges preparatory to offering instruction in blacksmithing and iron work this year. These forges are electrically and not hand driven so the pupil may use his time in working on his iron and not turning a blower. The building in which the equipment is being installed was constructed last spring by the shop pupils.

Washday weariness is one of the things that the housewife dreads—likewise the family. When mother is worn out with the old-time drudgery of doing a big washing, there is little cheer in the house and the day stands out in the week as one appointed for gloom. Electricity has revolutionized washing, the same as it has lighting, street car service and nearly everything else—only the fact is not so well known. There is the saving. It does a day’s washing in a few moments, at a cost of a few cents for current. Let your dealer give you a demonstration of the electrical washing way. San Joaquin Light & Power Corporation

110 Years Ago

The weather is getting a little cool on the coast and the campers who went there from the valley for an outing are beginning to break camp and start for home. This week the following people who were spending a vacation at Morro Bay have returned: ‘Bum” Moore, Lew Thompson, Russell Bauer, Joe Mattos, Fay Marshall, Anton Marshall, Grandpa and Grandma Maschmeyer, Jennie Mascjmeyer and B. McLaughlin and wife.

115 Years Ago

Rev. W.C. Long reports an excellent trip to Kings River Canyon. During the stay of his party in the mountains, they killed 21 rattlesnakes and caught 942 fish. The fish were mostly caught with fly hooks, but just how the rattlers were caught he failed to state.

The toot of the whistle at the power house is now a familiar sound emanating from the light and power plant at the hour of six o’clock p.m. It serves the two-fold purpose, that of informing people of the hour when they may avail themselves of water for lawn sprinkling and also of the fact that the supper hour has arrived.

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