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'The Red Line' EP Says New Series Is About Empathy, Growth & Connection

When white police officer Paul Evans (Noel Fisher) mistakenly shoots and kills a black doctor, three Chicago families will be indelibly changed.

On the city’s Northside, high school teacher Daniel Calder (Noah Wyle) and his adopted daughter, Jira (Aliyah Royale), mourn the loss of a husband and father. Her dad’s death leads Jira to search for her birth mother, Southside city alderman candidate Tia Young (Emayatzy Corinealdi), who isn’t sure she wants to be found. And Evans struggles with his feelings of guilt over the shooting, its impact on his career and the views of his racially intolerant brother.

'Fam' EP Corinne Kingsbury Says People Will See Their Own Family in New CBS Series

'Fam' EP Corinne Kingsbury Says People Will See Their Own Family in New CBS Series

Find out why Nina Dobrev was seen as the perfect choice to star on the new CBS sitcom.

“The most interesting stories are not what happens in a moment of tragedy, but how people put their lives together afterward,” says Erica Weiss, who created the show with Caitlin Parrish. “There’s so much growth and connection found in putting people back together.”

Ultimately, says Weiss, The Red Line — based on the play A Twist of Water, written by Parrish and directed by Weiss for a Chicago theater company — is about empathy. “[Each character] is someone who can draw you into their story.”

The Red Line, Premieres Spring 2019, CBS

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