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Letter to the Editor: 'The Greater Good' mentality is a cloak to shield evil

Letter to the Editor: 'The Greater Good' mentality is a cloak to shield evil

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Dear Mr. Waddell:

Referencing your 8 August letter -“Those Unable to Adapt…"

Applaud the infringements at your own peril.

The government has a duty to “promote” “the general welfare” but not “ensure” it. What is enumerated as government’s duty to “ensure,” is “the blessings of liberty.” As a free society, if a portion chooses as you state, i.e. the “evolutionary path “it is their right, given not by man but by nature."

I easily concede wearing masks is sound advice: it is the denial of the necessities of life to force compliance where the line has been crossed.

Niemoeller’s words demonstrate German people ignored as it didn’t involve or appeared to benefit them. Finally realizing how freedom’s infringements affected them having built an intolerable world to live in, their only option was living in fear; speak out and face dire consequences.

One of the hardest things to overcome in a truly free society is the human nature to impose ‘our will and beliefs’ on others. Some things are difficult:

• It’s hard allowing sick individuals the refusal right to sound medical advice and not have lifesaving procedures;

• Honor humans right to follow their beliefs and refuse medical treatments;

Human nature is to impose your own ‘will’ on others. It’s then easy to band together for a certain action deemed essential, especially when it seems reasonable and sound and the opposing view or unwillingness to comply is deemed unreasonable arbitrarily.

But true freedom says we must not impose ‘our’ will. Especially in this case where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not a right granted by government but exist from nature. To deny another these necessities for failing to comply with your ‘will’ offends both freedom and nature.

The “greater good” mentality has always been the cloak used to shield evil. By the time the cloak is lifted it’s too late. By then vile and repulsive events like Auschwitz and local communities destroyed because of empowered fear of the “greater good.”

Applaud the infringements at your own peril.

I choose to speak now!

Gary Smith


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