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Silvia Gonzalez Scherer 

I was in a Zoom play recently that required extensive makeup to look like a calavera. I played La Catrina which required contouring a face with skull features and colorful designs to give the Mexican folklore look. The task was easier than expected to get this look to translate on zoom. Now I have a new task. That is, theater makeup to age me 15-20 years.

I am slated to be in a show where I play a character that is living a leisure life in an Arizona retirement residence. I will portray Shirley a woman of 75-85 years. A stage makeup artist would be to my advantage. I have not come across any in this area. Nonetheless, I will venture to learn how to do this makeup myself. Ordinarily, actor students learn this in school. I was in the writing program bypassing those classes.

YouTube has been handy this past year where I learned a variety of things. I was delighted to see that masters of makeup shared their makeup techniques for my aging makeup venture. With this resource, I am seeing that trial and error, perseverance, and patience is a must.

The second actor will pose an even greater challenge. Inventiveness will be a key. This actor will need to decompose on stage. Without giving the entire story away, the stage directions state a piece of a character’s ear must fall into a cup of coffee. This obviously goes beyond makeup.

If all goes well, HMTC will produce "DEATH OF A SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT." A three-person play that will premiere in Hanford. We are looking for a third actor, a male between 40-65. This play is a farce.

Hanford Multicultural Theater Company enjoys creative challenges. In this play, inventiveness is a must. Frankly, it is a lot of fun to make things work on stage that at the beginning seemed impossible. 

We do encourage the public to get involved in this creativity. We encourage signing up for our four-week classes every other month. The months in between are for rehearsals and staged readings of new plays. The public is welcomed to attend these in between session activities as well. Call for class times or observation times at 559-997-3838.

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