The Ohana Comic Con is a place where people are encouraged to geek out over their nerdiest hobbies.

The traveling convention will return to Hanford on Feb. 19 and will have activities, vendors and collectibles that reflect the many branches of pop culture fandom.

“The geeks and nerds — it’s become very cool to be one now,” said Ohana Comic Con organizer Tom “Ziggy” Star.  “It’s cool to see the kids, that they’re accepted.  It’s OK to be into your anime or into your comic books, into Daredevil or Spider-Man or Ghost Rider. It’s all accepted. It’s really just a geek festival.”


Parker Bowman is a lifestyles reporter and editor for the Hanford Sentinel. He can be reached by email at, or by calling his office phone at 559-583-2432.

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