As we open our 2021 season, the Kings Players Community Theatre is actively seeking out new volunteers especially after being sidelined for over a year and a half due to the pandemic. 

Having worked as a volunteer for the Kings Players since 2006, I can tell you first hand that it is a very rewarding experience. There’s lots of drama at every level! 

We are always seeking talented individuals to fill roles.  If you feel you’re not that talented, this is the place to be because we always have opportunities to sharpen one’s skills.  Whether it be a board member, director, actor or set builder, there’s always room for someone on our stage.  Swing a hammer or paint?  We’re always looking for those talented retired folks or others with the skills to fix things up in our near 100-year-old building.  Currently, we are engaged in an initiative to spruce up our neighborhood on the far east side of the historic China Alley to enhance the immediate area for both our neighbors and patrons.  We are working closely with business owners and residents to keep things clean, tidy and safe.  Our board is committed to keeping our theatre thriving.   So if you’re interested in joining our low key ‘spruce up the neighborhood’ initiative, come on down!

Do you enjoy fiddling in the garden?  Do you run out of room to fiddle?  Come down to our theatre.  We have a loving garden that’s always in need of improvement.  As we near the building’s centennial celebration, we are looking for working hands to enhance our garden.  A decorative garden was part of a commitment to the Chinese community that entrusted the former Chinese school building to our hands in 1962.  The theatre is committed to sustaining a robust garden with a Chinese flavor.  So if you are a “garden variety volunteer,” please stop by and join us as we spruce up the property.  Never doubt your ability in volunteering your unique skills to enhance what many of us consider the jewel of Hanford.

The theatre is also a wonderful place for families to volunteer together.  My family has worked for the theatre in a volunteer capacity for many years as board members, actors, assistant director and maintenance activities.  Acting is perhaps the best thing a child can be exposed to with respect to building a high level of self confidence.  Performing in-front of a packed audience can at first be intimidating to almost anyone but after some good direction and rehearsal, can be a life changer and build a young person’s self confidence to a level that is much needed for success in both the education and business world.  Many who have acted with us report much success in public speaking — not to mention a high level of confidence when working in group settings.

The Kings Players is a multi-cultural organization.  We have an open door to people of all backgrounds and walks of life.  Over the years, we’ve had volunteers who were business owners, healthcare professionals, judges, lawyers, cooks and dishwashers.  If you’re unemployed and looking for a place to start, volunteer work can serve as a spring board to an eventual career because volunteer work is work!  We also have several board members who are always willing to be a job reference to one of our hard working and loyal volunteers.

Another initiative on the horizon is a summer type drama camp for children with special needs.  Still in the planning stage, this is a great volunteer opportunity to teach those who may not otherwise have an opportunity available to them.

Still have that volunteer bug?  We hope so.  Give us a call or send us an email.  We’d like you on our next call for volunteers for the Kings Players Community Theatre.  There’s always a place for you on our stage,  Break a leg!

Mike Spicer is the president of the Kings Players, Inc and can be reached at (559) 469-7366 or email at  You can also visit the Kings Players website at    

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