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You and the Law: This Hotel Wasn’t Quite Ready to Accept Guests during its Renovation

March 14th, 2018 at 4:00 in the morning was a day and time “Denny” would love to forget. “I had the strangest nightmare. A tiny, evil chara… Read more

Hanford Gourmet: Rabbit holes in time

Recently, Rodney Atkinson wrote to me about my column and mentioned a quote from the late professor, theologian and writer Henri J. M. Nouw… Read more

California Focus: Brown's mixed legacy of big fixes, some corruption

 About a month from today, a new governor will sit in the state Capitol’s “horseshoe” suite and face some problems that not even the hyper-… Read more

You and the Law: Starting a charity is no simple task

“Nicky” (not her real name) is a television reporter in the Southern San Joaquin Valley with a heart of gold. Brilliant at her craft as a j… Read more

California Focus: Newsom: Income equality state's biggest problem

 More than a year before he won election as California’s next governor, Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom did not hesitate for a moment when asked wh… Read more

You and the Law: How long should a lawyer keep a clients file?

“Mr. Beaver, I am calling you from my lawyer’s office. I came here asking for a copy of my auto accident file,” ‘Randy’ stammered, the degr… Read more


10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

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Commentary: Remembering the 33 victims of John Wayne Gacy

Why do we remember the dead? For one thing, so we don't forget. But also, so we can finally name them. Last summer, my phone lit up with news reports that authorities in Des Plaines had taken some major forensic steps in re-creating facial images of two of the six victims of prolific serial killer John Wayne Gacy who have yet to be identified. Forty years ago Friday, Gacy was arrested for ... Read more

Commentary: Driverless car bill a disaster waiting to happen

Despite almost daily reports of crashes or nonresponsive technology on public roads involving driverless cars, Congress is trying to hitch a new law to Santa's sleigh in the form of the year-end-keep-the-government-open spending bill, just ahead of a new majority come January. Today, all motor vehicle operators, particularly commercial drivers, are required to pass a license examination ... Read more

Commentary: Sugar industry is Exhibit A of tariff favoritism

Congress last week quietly passed the farm bill, a vast collage of legislation affecting the agricultural economy of the United States. This law, which Congress updates every five years, undergoes constant revision. But a few things never change. Foremost among these are the elaborate protections and subsidies given to nation's wealthy farmers of sugarcane and sugar beets. Their ability to ... Read more

Commentary: Cases highlight unequal justice outcomes

Cyntoia Brown was a victim of child sex trafficking who killed her abuser. Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire serial child sex abuser. Both were convicted and sentenced – in ways that demonstrate the profound inequities of our criminal justice system. On Dec. 6, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that Brown must serve 51 years in prison for the shooting death of Johnny Mitchell Allen in 2004. ... Read more

Looking Back in Lemoore

25 Years Ago Read more

Commentary: Finding the heart of Christmas in a nursing home visit

At this time of year, many Americans become deeply conscious of essential living: love of family, enjoyment of friends, the value of "quality time" and the joys of simply being alive. Especially in these trying political times, many people of all faiths now fervently attempt to gain deeper sustenance and satisfaction from religious holidays. To appreciate life's blessings in the midst of ... Read more

Commentary: Santa Claus vs. Amazon — a modern Christmas story

The old man with the red suit and white beard trudged dejectedly into the psychiatrist's office. The psychiatrist motioned him to lie down on the couch. "What did you say your name was?" "Claus. Santa Claus. " The psychiatrist did a double take. It was indeed Jolly Old St. Nick himself lying before him. "Well, Santa, can I call you Santa? This is quite a privilege. What can I do for you?" ... Read more

Hanford student earns full-ride scholarship


HANFORD — It was a normal day like any other for Rodrigo Maldonado, a senior at Hanford High School… Read more