I have often heard Mike Robinson say that Kings County is a small enough county that if a group of like-minded individuals were focused on one task, it could be accomplished. Here in our county, state tests show that the majority of our students can’t read at their grade levels beyond third grade. Therefore, Mike’s ambitious goal is countywide literacy – kindergarten through adult.

Recently, he personally paid to bring evidence-based literacy training to over 50 county teachers and educators, along with an ongoing system of support for each teacher and school district involved. This five-year monumental endeavor has the potential to enable teachers to deliver instruction that will allow most students to master how to read at appropriate grade levels as they progress through our schools. The possibility of this will be life changing for many.

Leaders such as Mike are rare. He knows that for literacy to become a reality in our county, much time and work by many will have to occur. He is currently running to be re-elected for the Kings County Board of Education -District 3. Mike is faithful about being present at monthly board meetings and carefully considers all the issues brought before him. He regularly communicates with others who serve in various educational positions and truly listens. He’s a “lead, follow, or get-out-of-the-way” kind of guy. After living here all his life, he has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to this part of the Valley and has a willingness to work very hard to make it a great place to live.

Mike, along with KLIP (Kings Literacy Initiative Pact), a nonprofit group of like-minded individuals, have already taken the initial steps in establishing the groundwork for training teachers to improve literacy right here in Kings County. As a teacher for many years, I know that working hard is one thing, but working smart is revolutionary in making schools places of real learning where students and teachers both feel satisfaction and success. It’s simple logistics. A vote for Mike Robinson is essential.

                                                                                                  Ann Martin


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