District 21 has a two-to-one ratio of Democrats vs. Republicans. That is, for every three voters, there are two Democrats for every one Republican. So why is it that Republicans are winning all important races in this district? Democrats are either not voting or many are voting for these Republicans.

We Democrats, and many of you Republicans also, better get smart. This midterm election and other elections around the country will determine whether our Social Security and Medicare is left intact. Due to Donald Trump giving the wealthy a huge tax cut, the deficit is growing and these Republicans are looking to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Our local Republican, David Valadao, is a Trump "rubber stamp." He votes what the swamp in Washington D.C. tells him to vote for. He voted against the Affordable Care Act of which thousands of his constituents in his district depend on for their health care needs. Apparently he's networking himself with the elites in D.C., he figures these guys are going to help him out with money. A fine way to look out for himself.

Well, I've said what I feel. And, just remember my letter, when you read or hear about Republicans attacking Social Security and Medicare by saying "We are trying to save it."

                                                                                          Richard B. Leon


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