Dirty politics continues in the city of Hanford. On [a recent] Sunday morning, I woke to find a sign in my yard that I had not authorized. It was a "Newsom/Salas" sign. The sign used the well-known slash of yellow paint that Rudy has used for the last six years. I knew immediately that this was not a sign that he had authorized. There was also the same sign in my neighbor's yard. They also had not approved the placement

On my morning walk, I saw a number of others. None of these signs have the "union bud" or information on the campaign that paid for them. Also, they were all placed in yards with T.J. Cox or other Salas signs, all without permission. They have also been placed on city property at Hidden Valley Park.

I am sure that these signs are being placed around the county by Justin Mendes or his supporters. If he can't beat Rudy with honesty, he will stoop to dirty politics. I did report this story to the Hanford Sentinel, but they did not seem to be interested in reporting the story. Please know that I have contacted both the Salas and Newsom campaigns, and have been told that the signs are not from either of their campaigns.

I have known and worked with Rudy for the past six years. I know him to be honest and to always vote in a way that he feels will best represent his district. The tactics that Mendes has used in placing these deceitful signs and running untruthful ads shows us all who he really is. I support Rudy Salas for assembly.

                                                                                       Cathy Jorgensen


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