Hanford resident Christine Semas believed Ted Cruz was the person who should be in the White House. She believed it so strongly that she flew to Iowa in January to go door-to-door campaigning for him.

Now that he's dropped out of the race, she says she will not support Donald Trump. 

"He is evil incarnate, and I will vote for Hillary Clinton before I will vote for him," she said.

Here are some of the comments readers left on the story (go to: http://bit.ly/1rwW1gl to read it online): 

Fed Up: Sorry guys, not voting for Trump is the same as voting for Hillary. I am not thrilled with Trump, but we need to change directions from where the Dems are sending us.

Sallybob: Ms. Semas, I'm a Cruz supporter, but our guy just bowed out, which is a huge disappointment. But, he saw no way forward. So here we are. I'm certainly not a Trump supporter, but I believe we need to support the party. It's hard to digest, but he's better than Hillary Clinton. We don't need another 8 years of Obama. I'm hoping that Trump will bring on a strong team of Republicans...maybe even Cruz! Please don't jump ship.

Smiley522: I to am disappointed that Cruz dropped out, but no way will I vote for Hillary.

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I agree, Trump is a narcissist, but we have had that for the last 7 years. Hillary is an idiot who's only desire is to be the first woman President.

Joe Simonson: America is officially sick and tired of political correctness, officially exasperated with those that take and don't give, fed up with them ramming their politics down our throats regardless of our thoughts or opinions. If you could vote for Hillary after she allowed her husband to humiliate her, Bengasi, the e-mails, White-water, slighting coal miners etc., etc.. then vote for her. Please go to the other side.....Please! Because we don't want someone with your lack of discernment on the team. I would rather have Ronald Reagan if it were possible.

Trump supporters paid no attention to how despised he is outside of their lovefest for him. He consistently polled as losing to Hillary, 70% of all women don't like him because of his misogynist comments. He easily did a dozen things that would prevent him from ever getting my vote: Making fun of those with disabilities, encouraging violence against protestors, insulting another candidate's wife, bragging about his serial adultery (oh boy, it would be like having Bill Clinton back in the Whitehouse...), dishonest business practices (bankruptcy, lying in negotiations), etc.

J.P. Pritchard: Don't ignore the fact we've been telling you for months that we won't support the guy only to try to put the blame for his eventual defeat on us. Don't tell us you don't care what we think only to say now we have to toe the line. This isn't about preference, or holding our nose to vote: this is asking us to support base ugliness. We'll get ugly either way: at least it won't be because we invited it in. It's you own fault - take responsibility for you own choices and maybe next time care about what your allies believe.

youheard: I've been a republican all my life but there's no way I will ever cast a vote for a man that thinks hard working Mexicans is rapist, and on top of that he want to build a wall, come on guys, I'm not jumping ship but I'm not jumping on Donald Trump wagon either.

aces928: Here is another example why so many Republicans have become Independents. Republicans are now a party filled with people who have no real loyalty to the team.

James Woolem: How can anyone who supports Cruz, or any conservative candidate, even consider a vote for Clinton? There will be more than two candidates on the ballot. Try holding to your principles and voting for the candidate who best represents you rather than worrying about who will win. Displaced conservatives might find comfort in the Constitution Party which has nominated Darrell Castle.

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