SELMA — It could be said that the April 13 agenda for the Selma Unified School District Board of trustees was pretty cool. 
Assistant superintendent Larry Teixeira told the board that the district could be soon getting additional air conditioning in six district schools using COVID relief money.
The secondary use of the money will help us prevent any further outbreaks of COVID.
"In some of or all of the federal grants they have allowed us to use some of the money for improving ventilation in classrooms. The total amount that we are expecting to receive, including what we have already received, is approximately 42 million dollars between both state and federal money," Teixeira  said. 
"It's an amazing amount of money," he added. "Our total budget is about 80 million and we are getting half of that in one time supplemental money."
Teixeira plans to go through the whole list of what the money has been used for at the next meeting.
With 25 percent soft costs, the total cost for the air conditioning project is $11,055,000. The largest amount comes at the high school where $3,423,750 will pay for air conditioning in the gymnasium, cafeteria and the dining hall.
Just about one half million each will go to Jackson and Eric White, which has newer facilities.
"We have a lot of classrooms that are using systems that are 20 years old," said Teixeira.
Teter, the District's architect firm, visited every room's air conditioning needs in all six campuses.
The district will also use that money to expand learning opportunities over the next two summers.
"We have large spaces that you have gyms and cafeteria that right now are cooled with swamp coolers and cool is probably a stretching it a little bit. Then we have a lot of classrooms that are using split systems or ventilators that are 20 years old," he said. 
Other topics discussed included graduation. 
Selma High School graduation will be held over two nights in the first week of June. Graduation is set for Thursday, June 3 and Friday, June 4. Abraham Lincoln middle School graduation is set for Wednesday, June 2 with the heartland alternative school set for graduation on Tuesday, June 1.
Trustees will also be reviewing a proposal to change the mascot of the Indianola Elementary School Warriors. The school will hear ideas from former and current students on ideas to change the mascot name.
The district has set 10 a.m. Monday, April 26 at 10 as the time and date for the grand opening ceremony at the refurbished Staley Stadium on the Selma High School campus. The first football game in the 5,000 seat stadium was held on March 26.
Also at the next meeting, the board is scheduled to review the possibility of going back to in-person meetings and discontinue the virtual meetings.


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