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Social Services: Text scam

FRESNO – If you receive a text message allegedly from the Fresno County Department of Social Services, it could be a scam.

The Department warns DSS clients that people in neighboring areas have received text messages prompting them to call regarding CalWORKs, the public assistance program that provides cash aid and services to eligible families with children in the home.

There have not been any cases reported in Fresno County at this time, officials said.

In the scam, the person receives a text and if they call the number, an automated system prompts them to enter personal information such as EBT card number, PIN, date of birth, and/or Social Security Number. Sometimes, calls are answered by a person who fraudulently represents themselves as social services staff.

Fresno County Public Information Officer Jordan Scott said residents should be aware that these messages are not coming from the Fresno County DSS.

“Should you receive a suspicious text message or phone call, do not give out your personal information including your EBT PIN. Fresno County DSS would never ask for your EBT PIN,” he said.

To report issues, cancel your cards or change your PIN, clients may call the EBT customer service line toll free at (877) 328-9677. Clients may also contact Fresno County DSS directly by calling at (855) 832-8082 toll free to report any issues.

Scott said if anyone has received one of these messages and has provided personal information, it is recommended they file a report with the local police department in addition to contacting DSS.

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