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xyz letters to the editor

A couple years ago councilwomen Mrs. Montijo ran for office with a slogan of believe in better. If you pay attention to what's going on behind the scenes this is a nasty, misleading councilwoman. It looks like she may have supported our water rates going up as well as increases to our property tax by supporting measure P and measure O. Everywhere I go around town people complain about crime and how bad our city has become! She voted Mr. Grey out as city manager and then supported hiring him back at OVER $8,000 a month to do a very small piece of work compared to what he was doing. Talk about wasting taxpayer money, that's what cronyism looks like in my opinion. She then caused a divide within our city by pushing George Rodriguez aside to vote in her friend Scott Robertson to become mayor at that time then cries about George Rodriguez being upset. Montijo when you screw people of course they get mad. You have pushed cronyism right in front of our faces. Montijo should be ashamed of herself. I thought Mrs. Montijo believe in better slogan ment she was going to try to help make things better. I didn't know it really meant SHE BELIEVES SHE'S BETTER then us.

                                                                                     Roger Orosco


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