Ryanne Lucahu's goal every day is simple. Continue to chase the best version of yourself.

After for years as team manager for the Fresno Pacific University women’s basketball team, Luchau now has a new title.

Fresno Pacific University Sunbirds women’s basketball coach Tim Beaugaurd, recently announced the hiring of Luchau as the program’s new Director of Basketball operations.

A Selma native, Lucahu graduated from Fresno Pacific in May. Lucahau has been with program every step of the way in Beaugaurd's four years as head coach of the program.

“She has been with me since day one. She matured every year and stepped up. I have given here more and more responsibility. She has been my right hand person,” Beaugaurd said. "This year we needed a Director of Basketball operations. She knows me better than I know myself. She knows the program and is such a diligent worker. This entire summer and role has shifted really taken on title and does exactly what that is.”

For Lucahau, becoming the Director of Basketball operations was a easy transition.

"I always wanted to stick around the game of basketball. I wanted to go into athletic administration, which is what I am getting my masters currently for. I learned what a Director of Basketball operations does and that has been my route," Luchau said. "Every year my responsibilities grew and after I graduated Tim said take it and run with it. I say it is a dream of mine and Tim introduced it to me."

She will handle the day-to-day behind the scenes aspects of the team including scheduling practice times, organizing the team meals and hotels when the travel.

"I was treated really well as a team manager. I got to go on trips and do a lot of coll stuff. I always knew I wanted to grow and flourish and this is what I have always wanted to do and I have worked really hard at it and I am proud of myself for getting here." Luchau said.

Beaugaurd said that Lucahu is an important part of the culture he has built with the program over his three years. One quote that is important to Fresno Pacific Athletics and the basketball teams is "If serving is beneath you, the leading is above you"

For Luchau, serving others is something that pushes her every day.

"Her work ethic comes from her service, her desire to serve in any capacity. Her true passion is helping others. She is able to see that her hard work helps other people and that drives her," Beaugard said. "You can’t survive if you don’t have ability to work. She continuously has a great attitude and wants to get everything out of this life. I have never seen anyone care more about their university and get everything out of their time in college than she did."

"Ryanne chose a university that she could uniquely be herself while chasing the best version of herself," Beaugard said "She is a leader of the team and a leader of women."

Lucahu also is helping promote the Sunbirds as part of the marketing team at FPU.

"I am also a grad assistant for marketing and promotions so I am revamping the marketing program we have for athletics and trying to get people to games and getting the seats filled,' Lucahu said. "I am also working on student involvement around campus."

Luchau said that coach Beaugard has been a huge part of her growth at Fresno Pacific and gave her the confidence to continue to work hard.

"Tim has been a huge mentor to me throughout this time teaching me about myself. Every day, our staff wants to chase the best version of ourselves," Lucahu said. "I feel like that has been a huge part of my life."

Fresno Pacific has been important to Luchau's growth off the court as well.

"Fresno Pacific as a university means a lot to me because I put all of my time, effort and heart into this place. Getting down to the basketball program, this has been my life," Luchau said. "I see Tim and the team more than I see my family. They have become my family. They mean so much to me. Without Tim and without the team I would not be here. They push me every day to be the best version of who I am. I push them every day to be the best version of themselves."

Every day the goal is to continue to grow and flourish as a person and Luchau said that her time at FPU pushes her.

"I love Fresno pacific. It will always be a part of who I am and my journey just Like Selma is,' Luchau said. "I have never forgotten my roots. Selma is where I came from and Fresno Pacific is where I grew and that will always be a part of my life."

Luchau hopes to continue to flourish at FPU adn knows that no matter what she will never forget her time there.

"I knew that I loved to serve others. Fresno pacific is where God called me to be and I believe that 100 percent," Luchau said. "There has been ups and downs, There has been challenges but at the end of the day I have always Pursued the best version of myself."

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