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SELMA – Eric White Elementary was among schools taking advantage of the 100th day of school to teach math concepts to their students. Aside from dressing as 100-year-olds, teachers used a variety of classroom activities to emphasize math concepts focused on the number.

“This was done to celebrate school in general and keep students motivated to continue to learn as much as they can every day and to come to school every day,” Principal Sandra Aguilera said.

Jannette Gardner and Ryan Ramos were chosen by the students as the best-dressed staff members. Meanwhile staff selected Juan Sanchez as its best dressed. The winners were presented with a trophy.

The actual 100th day of school was Feb. 5. For this event, Ryan Ramos’ fifth-grade class made glasses and decorated rings to count down the remaining days of school.

Transitional kindergarten teacher Laura Butts had her students use licorice and gummy Lifesavers to represent the number 100 on cupcakes. Her students also filled sandwich baggies with various items such as cocoa puffs, gold fish and beans while counting to 100. They also wrote about what they would buy with $100.

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