SELMA — The Selma City Council received their monthly update on ongoing projects in the city. The report was made by city planner Kira Nogueira at the start of the April 20 meeting of the Selma City Council.

The following are update updates on completed projects:

Conditional use permit: This report was for moving the location of an existing conditional use permit in the 3800 block of McCall Avenue. An application for tenant improvements is required to move forward. The planner spoke to the applicant on January 12 and they are moving forward as planned.

Subdivision map: This is for the subdivision of 1.49 acres into 10 single-family resident lots in the 2500 block of Pine Street. The item was continued at the July 29, 2019 hearing at the request of the public. A final map application has been submitted. The applicant is working with the engineering staff to get the subdivision and proven bonds in place conditions of approval have not been met yet.

Selma apartments: This 20-unit multifamily development consisting of 16 two-bedroom and two-bath units and four bedroom and two-bath units with enclosed one car garages is in the 3400 block of McCall Avenue. Improvement plans require corrections plans.

Lot line adjustment: The adjustment is to create two equally sized parcels in the 2400 block of Nebraska Avenue. A building permit application was submitted in December of 2020. Landscaping plans were submitted in February 21 and approved in March of 2021.

Truck stop: This is the expansion of an existing site including diesel islands back and a 3,000 square-foot shell building in the 13,000 block of South Van Horn Avenue. Revised plans were received in March. Engineering is reviewing.

Service station: Plans have been reviewed and approved for a new service station and commercial office building in the 1700 block of 2nd Street.

Church: A conditional use permit is required for a church in the 1400 block of Grove Street.

Drive through: The applicant needs an encroachment permit from Caltrans before plans reviewed by the city for a new drive-thru at a drive-in in the 2000 block of Highland Avenue.

Annexation: Reviewing project submittal of a commercial single family and multifamily project at Nebraska and Highland Avenues. An annexation exhibit will be sent to LAFCO once project description is complete.

Hampton Inn: The final parcel map is approved for the Hampton Inn, northwest of the intersection of Floral Avenue and Highway 99. Site improvements plans are being developed.

Service station: Sign improvement plans and building permit application required to move forward for a new gas station and mini mart with fast food service and drive through in the 11000 block of East Mountain View Avenue.

Dutch Brothers: Remodel of the Rally's building into a coffee shop requires reconfigured drive through. Plans to be revised.

Dentist office: Application required to move forward to build new dental office in Walmart parking lot.

Lennar: Application is complete for single-family residences and a park at the northeast corner of Floral and Dockery avenues.

Subdivision: Annexation and prezone is required for 778 single-family lots south of the current city limits on the west side of McCall.

Walmart expansion: A $2,664 ft edition to Walmart is under review by City staff.

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