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Bob Allen is the executive director of the Selma District Chamber of Commerce.

It was exciting to see over 100 people representing organizations, individuals and groups come to celebrate the Selma’s Beautification Committee's first event of 2021. 

It was great to see young people working in the alleys, parks, flower beds in the downtown area and do major trash pickup on Second Street to the Freeway 99 and Orange Avenue to ALMS School.  The morning of May 1, 2021, begin with breakfast at Lincoln Park and getting sign-up for locations to be worked on. 

To see so many community members come together reminded us that this is what community is- working for the common good- to help make Selma the best that it can be.  The Beautication Committee will be meeting monthly starting in June on the third Friday of the month.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please call the Chamber Office and give your name and we will send you an application.

The Selma District Chamber of Commerce the City of Selma and the Selma Unified School District have begun our discussions regarding our Independence Celebration to be held on July 3, 2021.  Some people have asked why we do July 3 when July 4 is actually Independence Day.  Well here is the story:

In 1990, the City of Selma received a call from the Fresno Bandits football team's representatives to notify Selma that the Moscow Bears would be coming to Fresno to play against the Bandits.   In the process, the Moscow team wanted to see an Independence Fireworks show and Selma was contacted to see if that could happen.  The story continues with the fact the Moscow Team was leaving July 4 to return to Russia.  Selma stepped up and on July 3, 1990.  The Independence Day celebration was held with true Selma pride at the Staley Stadium.  After the game, the teams were treated to a grand meal prepared by Sal’s Mexican Restaurant.

Because the event was so successful, Selma chose to continue to make their Community Independence Celebration on July 3, allowing families to share July 4 together.  The success of the original event was due to the planning efforts of long-time residents Mr. Russ Noble and Mr. Bob Kenyon.

Bob Allen is the Executive Director of the Selma Chamber of Commerce.

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