It’s no secret that only some college students qualify for financial assistance. Financial aid eligibility depends on various factors, including a family’s income and assets and the number of children in a student’s family household. But oftentimes, students who don’t qualify for federal financial aid because they are too “rich” still can’t afford college. In a study published last month in the Journal of Sociology and Education, Dartmouth College sociologist Jason Houle found that students who were most hardpressed in terms of student debt were in the middle class.

 But things are looking up for those students from Selma and Kingsburg, because a new California-based scholarship program backed by Gov. Jerry Brown aims to fund college for those in the middle class.

The California Middle Class Scholarship will be available in the fall for undergraduate students who have family incomes up to $150,000 to attend a California State University (CSU) campus or a University of California (UC) campus. Applicants are being accepted for the financial assistance program through March 2.

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