Leveling-up: Jolene Polyack

Kingsburg author Jolene Polyack is readying to release her latest book, “Seven Bridges.”

What if, at the end of life, you had time to contemplate what you’ve learned and then moved up to the next one?

Local author Jolene Polyack said she noticed as her sons were playing a video game that upon winning, the characters would progress on to the next of play.

What if humans did this?

This is the idea for her latest book, “Seven Bridges.”

“It would be kind of interesting if as a human we did that. Somebody starts off in one life. When that life’s over, they take what they learned and apply it in the next one.”

Polyack is not new to writing. She’s already published “Twenty-Seven,” which explored the idea of everyone in society reverting back to age 27.

"It was just really fun to write; fun dealing with it individually, dealing with it culturally and then retelling the story from a different perspective.”

She’s been writing since high school, has a journalism degree from California State University, Fresno, and a master’s in business administration from Loyola University. Locally, she owns a marketing consultant business and an Internet collectible trading card business. She’s taught at the college level, conducted seminars and managed promotional campaigns.

It’s when she’s running that ideas flood her mind, though.

“I’m a runner. I do a lot of my writing when I’m running and I want to race back home.”

This latest book has been percolating in her mind for about six months as she’s researched time periods to incorporate into the storyline since the character progresses from Atlantis to Germany in the seven stages of life.

“I wanted to do Rome and they existed for 1,000 years. You have to pick when you want them to be and what it’s like so I had a lot of research to do to make it accurate.”

Her first book is actually three stories bundled in one and “Bridges” will be the fourth in the series.

Polyack said she has trusted readers who’ve given her feedback and fans who are eager to see how the story develops in this upcoming book.

“It’s people you trust who won’t read it and say ‘this is great’ but will shred it and dismantle it and be brutally honest.”

She said she was relieved when one of her trusted readers let her know she picked up on certain nuances in the story.

“If you don’t understand it, you’re going to be lost. But you don’t want to make those nuances too obvious or too difficult.”

“Bridges” is at the self-publisher iUniverse and is undergoing a content review and will go through two rounds of editing. She’s also working on the cover with an artist at the publishing house.

Polyack credits the publishing house for giving her professional advice on the publishing and editing process.

Like the funding effort for her previous book, Polyack has started a crowd funding drive on Kickstarter where she hopes to create a cyberspace community of interest about the book.

Those who financially back the book get a few perks and will be in on the publication process. “It gives them the opportunity to be involved and it’s a fun way to have a community to communicate with.”

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