A new four-unit apartment complex will be built on a parcel at the rear of Andrew Jackson Elementary. The complex’s designs underwent some revisions before the Selma City Council approved it at its Dec. 7 meeting.

Developer Harbhajan S. Nagra will build the apartments on the northwest comer of Nelson Boulevard and McCall Avenue.

The city’s Planning Commission first heard the proposal in November 2014 and several revisions reduced the number of units to b e built and removed windows facing existing homes. Fewer units will lessen the traffic impact to the area, a Planning Commission report said.

Since the project was initially denied at an April 2015 City Council meeting, Nagra appealed the decision.

The appeal was first heard in July of this year and Planning Commission took back the item for consideration. The project was reheard in October and the Commission approved the concept then.

For the apartments to move forward, the City Council needed to approve four entitlements:

1 The parcel was rezoned from a lower density zoning to a high density residential zoning.

2 The McCall Specific Plan Land Use Designation was changed from elementary to high density.

3 A zone variance was changed to allow one structure to encroach into the front setback area.

4 The site plan also needed to be approved.

In approving the zone change, the resolution noted that the Nagra apartments would “provide a stable and diverse community, and is consistent with orderly physical development of the community.”

The resolution to approve the site plan stipulates that occupancy will only be allowed upon full completion of the apartments, that landscaping be included along the street front, that the exterior be kept in good repair and free of graffiti and that lighting be recessed so as to prevent glare.

The architecture will include wrought iron fencing, will have air-condition/heating units in the attic or ground units so as to remain unobstrusive and have screened electrical transformers.

Landscaping will shade 25 percent of paved areas when mature, be drought tolerant and watered by electric timers. Reduced-energy use appliances such as water heaters and central heating systems will be incorporated into the complex’s design.

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