As I wrote in my previous column, over the years I’ve written snippets from Uncle Richard’s treatise, “Continental/Chinoise Recipes for a Gourmet Dinner,” which he wrote in the mid 1970s. I recently noticed that I had several copies of his writing in one of the many boxes I inherited from Mom and Dad and from when Steve and I purchased the Imperial Dynasty building and many of its treasure troves. I thought it would be nice to share through a couple of columns Uncle Richard’s thoughts on cooking in his own words. Following is the conclusion of his treatise begun in my last column.

“I imagine that it was inevitable that I would want to do this since I was born in to the restaurant trade and culinary heritage. I studied international trade, international law, international politics, and international relations at the University of Southern California. Afterward, I was assigned to The Foreign Office in The State Department and was specially trained and assigned to General George C. Marshall as his personal security aide and confidential food taster. Consequently, I was in a fortunate position to travel widely and to visit various countries all over the world, not only throughout the Far East, but in Continental Europe and Russia as well. Both my personal interest and official duty involved tasting food in kitchens, and I was eager to learn the various distinctive flavors, dishes, methods, and practices of cooking from different countries. It was an enchanting experience and wonderful exposure to comparative international cuisine.

“In effect, my interest in the culinary world naturally took root and flourished. I believe that acquainting ourselves with cuisines from all nations is one of the most delightful aspects in the field of international relations and it will, indeed, add considerably to the culinary delights of all nations.

Arianne Wing is the author of three books, “Disturbing the Dust” the most recent, and co-operator of the L.T. Sue Tea Room and Emporium, benefiting the restoration and preservation of China Alley. She may be reached at

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