25 Years Ago

Life in a small town has benefits you can’t find anywhere else. But how can you take advantage of those benefits and take part in the educational, social, and recreational opportunities of our growing “global village”? You can, “surf the Net’” – that is, you can connect your home computer to a rapidly expanding worldwide network of computers known as the Internet. To do that, all you have to do is select an ISP, or Internet Service Provider. And today there are four local ISPs you can use. CNETech in Hanford, Kings Internet in Armona, Lemoore Computers, and LemooreNet. All four provide electronic mail, access to “newsgroups” where people with similar interests publish messages with information and opinions for all to read, and full Internet access.

The “Big Kmart” at Lemoore Avenue and Hanford-Armona Road reopened its doors last Sunday morning after a month-long refurbishment project. What has changed? The “pantry” has been expanded to include a greater quantity and variety of the food and home “consumable” products most shoppers are used to buying at a grocery store.

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