Sherril Cohn views the 2022 “Pursue Peace” Convention on

Against the tragic backdrop of a historic conflict in Europe, the Central Valley unite with millions around the globe to promote the timely theme “Pursue Peace” as they participate in a six-part annual event that concludes this month

“It’s another step in learning how we can improve our lives and the lives of everybody we come across,” said Sherril Cohn. The former Central Valley resident plans to join her sister through video conferencing to watch the sessions. Cohn, who has never attended an in-person convention before, has been enjoying the programs virtually since 2020. She views them as “a wonderful blessing.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been holding global conventions for more than 100 years, the last three years featuring virtual events accessed through the free JW Library app or at The program's first segment is available for streaming or download now. All are invited to attend the program at no charge.

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