KINGSBURG — After having its grand opening earlier this month, Heritage Co. Boutique held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its new location in Downtown Kingsburg on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

The retail store, located on Draper Street, had a downtown presence prior to having its own store front, selling items at the Mercantile down the road. Heritage Co. Boutique is a women's apparel store, selling clothes, accessories and jewelry. Owner Amanda Carrasco founded the company in 2018.

Opening the store and cutting the ribbon was an amazing feeling for Carrasco after only being able to offer her items online.

“It feels absolutely amazing to have this exciting moment in our store’s history and also bringing our community back to life in this town,” Heritage Co. owner Amanda Carrasco said. “Kingsburg is a town no matter if things are good or bad, they rally around, they support each other and they just keep that momentum going. So we’re really just proud to be a part of Kingsburg.”

After the Mercantile closed in March due to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s shelter in place order, Carrasco had to pivot to selling items online, which kept her business afloat during an uncertain time, she said.

Carrasco said the store’s online presence shifted the business’s income and gave her the ability to open the store downtown.

“When COVID closed the stores downtown, all of our local customers hopped right online and they supported us through our website and we did local deliveries,” Carrasco said. “We delivered to everyone’s porches all throughout town for six months and we were proud to be able to continue our business while we were online and also reaching out and wishing us well.”

Kingsburg District Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jeff Dodd was one of the community members who attended the ribbon cutting and was thrilled to see a business opening a store in the area after several local businesses were impacted by the pandemic.

“First of all, it’s really good to see the new businesses coming up even though she was within a business before,” Dodd said. “To actually have a new store front, her own store, it’s really good for downtown Kingsburg. It’s another retail store we have that people could shop in and especially under the circumstances right now because businesses have been shut down so to be able to see new business growing in town, that’s always a blessing for us.”

Kingsburg Mayor Michelle Roman and councilmember Jewel Hurtado attended the ceremony along with several other members of the chamber.

The store also sells a small selection of children’s items and Heritage Co. Boutique donates a portion of every purchase to a local children’s charity.

“We make a donation to a local children’s charity in memory of our daughter,” Carrasco said.

Carrasco didn’t go into detail about her late daughter, but she discussed how important her involvement in the community is to her.

“One thing that is important to us is not just being in the community, but being a huge part of it by giving back to our local community,” Carrasco said. “We like to be involved with a lot of different aspects of our town, but the children’s charity is important to us; it's something that resonates deep within our family. So with our children’s collection, our donations are made to local organizations such as Valley Children’s, we donate to SpiritHorse [Connections] and also Hines Hospice with our Angel Babies program.”

Other services that Heritage Co. Boutique offers is a snail mail station and private shopping appointments for customers. Carrasco said the snail mail station encourages customers to send handwritten letters and the station includes postage and outgoing mail.

As for the private shopping appointments, those could be made online on the store’s website. Private shopping appointments can be scheduled after hours or on Sundays and Mondays when the store is closed.

“We know that with this current climate, shopping feels different, so not everybody wants to come out and shop in person” Carrasco said. “What we did is create a website calendar where you could book an appointment for a private shopping event. You could come in by yourself, with one or two close friends or family, whatever feels comfortable.

“That private shopping experience is a way for you to enjoy shopping in your comfortable environment that feels like a good setting.”

Heritage Co. Boutique is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday and you could visit its website You could also follow Heritage Co. Boutique on Facebook and Instagram.

Jeremiah Martinez can be reached at (559) 583-2413 or Follow Jeremiah on Twitter at @TheJerryMartin. 

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