SELMA — The city of Selma is looking for a new city manager.

By a 3-2 vote, the Council voted to remove City Manager Teresa Gallavan. Another special meeting to review Gallavan was held on Friday night before the Monday meeting.

New City Attorney Mary Lerner reported at the May 17 meeting that there was a motion by Councilman Bianca Mendoza-Navarro and a second by Mayor Pro Tem Beverly Cho to enter into a separation agreement with Gallavan with a five-month total of $148,656.

Gallavan resigned her position, according to Lerner, and the city accepted the resignation.

Council members John Trujillo and Mendoza-Navarro joined Cho in voting yes to remove Gallavan while Mayor Scott Robertson and Councilmember Sarah Guerra voted no.

Mendoza-Navarro made the motion to remove Gallavan with Cho seconding it.

The reason for Gallavan's removal has not been made public. Attempts were made to contact the three who voted for the removal, but were unsuccessful. Council members cannot comment on executive session matters involving personnel.

According to City Clerk Reyna Rivera, no timeline has been set for choosing an interim city manager.

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