FRESNO – Listening to the graduating Selma High seniors during their Commencement Ceremony June 6, the Bears sounded ready to take on the world.

The Class of 2019’s graduation celebration took place at Sunnyside High as Staley Stadium is under reconstruction, but Selmans filled the stands with home-town pride as they cheered for the graduates at the end of the event.

The ceremony included the presentation of colors by Selma High’s United States Marine Corps’ JROTC Color Guard, singing of the National Anthem and a performance of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Selma High’s Chamber Singers. California Scholarship Federation Life members and their parents were introduced as were scholarship recipients and 26 valedictorians and one salutatorian.

Selma High’s senior class President Humberto Partida and valedictorian Khori M. Cranford set the forward-looking atmosphere in their speeches as they expressed gratitude for their families, teachers and friends that helped shape them for their futures.

Partida credited the welcoming community at Selma High for his decision to run for senior class president and reminded the Bears that now it was time for some really big life decisions.

“No one should be making decisions for you. You have to decide what you want in life. If you don’t decide, life will do it for you.” And while some decisions are outside of a person’s control, others however rest solely with each student, he said.

“Take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Throw away that ‘what if that doesn’t work?’ or ‘what if I fail?’ Decisions you make today are important to the future you want to see tomorrow. Don’t let others influence your life, because in the end, it is your life. Fight for what you want and don’t stop until you achieve it. Pay the prices you have to pay today, instead of having to pay a higher price the rest of your life.”

Cranford described the celebration of their graduation as “the beginning of anything you want.”

She asked her classmates to think about their legacy, how the world would remember them and to realize they have the ability to create their own destiny.

“Ultimately I realized, regardless of where you go and how you get there, you are there and you will prosper because growth isn’t something that can be done in a comfort zone. Life will test us, and occasionally break us, but we can never lose sight of why and what our hearts long for.”

Among her many words of thanks to parents, staff and classmates, she encouraged her fellow Bears to live wholeheartedly.

“We all have so much to offer a world that needs all the light it can possibly find.”

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