SELMA – For as non-traditional as Selma High’s 2020 graduation ceremony was, there were still many aspects of the celebration that reflected long-standing traditions.

In sharp precision, the Selma High Marine Corp ROTC cadets presented the colors of the United States. Priscilla Lopez proudly sang “The National Anthem.” In their speeches, students recounted memorable occasions as they set their eyes on their futures.

Their principal, Guillermo Lopez, shared fatherly advice in his speech, and parents and families beamed with pride taking pictures and video as they cheered their graduate walking across the stage.

What was drastically different this year were the precautions Selma High took in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Staley Stadium bleachers were empty as student speakers gave their presentations. They were filmed by Frankie Leal and video production students in front of only a small audience. It was mostly the other speakers who heard their presentations in person.

During the week leading up to the speeches seniors took turns, arriving with only their families and staying spaced apart as they waited to walk the stage. They were handed their diploma covers by a family member. Then, a few more feet away, photographers took family and individual photos. Then each group would exit the stadium to celebrate at home.

As the coronavirus drastically altered how the school year ended, the students admit they couldn’t help but feel disappointed. However, as ASB Vice President Brandi Aguilera said in her speech, she did not want the Class of 2020 to be remembered for how the virus took over.

“We’ll be remembered for our ability to persevere and [for] never losing sight of Selma High traditions and relationships.”

Aguilera thanked their teachers, staff, parents and community members for “making us seniors feel as special as we can in these unprecedented times.”

ASB treasurer Erick Octavio Santiago gave an address in Spanish while ASB representative Gurpreet Kaur Singh gave one in Punjabi.

ASB President Sega Moreno recounted what it takes to be a bear – believing, accepting, respecting and supporting.

“There are a few of you out there that believe you are your own support system, but why is that? You probably feel like you’re alone but in reality, you’re pushing yourself to be better than the people who let you down. There’s nothing wrong with this because after tonight, we’ll be starting our lives and are in full control. Everything we’ve learned, good or bad, has made us who are today.”

Moreno honored her friend, Desiree Azalea Austin, “the very first friend I ever made. I know you’re with all of us on this very special day.”

Senior Class President Matthew Hernandez also honored Austin and another classmate they were missing that day, Steven Aguilar.

“I’ve heard nothing but positive things when your name is spoken,” he said of Aguilar. “I never got a chance to meet you, but I know you had a great impact on all of our students and our lives and I thank you for that.

“To Desiree Austin, you are deeply missed. There’s no doubt in my mind you’d be a top student here at our school. You had a bright future ahead of you and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thinking about you. You were always willing to help me in Mr. Bill’s math class when I had no idea of what was going on. May you both rest in peace and your legacy live on forever.”

Turning his thoughts to the fallout from COVID-19, Hernandez admits it was frustrating to have life upended their senior year.

“With everything going on I was unmotivated, I was mad and frustrated. Like, why can’t we get the senior year that was promised to us? We looked forward to it for the four years we were at this school.”

Then, he said when he came across rapper Mac Miller’s statement that “people change, things go wrong, but life goes on,” he was able to put things into perspective.

“It’s true. Life goes on, with or without you. I’m glad to say in the four years at this school I made memories I’ll never forget – the good and bad.”

Looking ahead to the future, Hernandez said he hoped they can gather for a reunion in 10 years, “not as students, [but] as teachers, doctors, President of the United States and mothers and dads.”

Valedictorians Simran Bains and Brendan Roberts also addressed their classmates in speeches.

Bains highlighted the determination it took to earn their diplomas.

“In the face of many difficulties we’ve gone through over these past four years, we have all persevered and proven that we have the strength and determination that is required to earn our high school diplomas, which is no small task,” he said. “All the work, stress and countless hours of studying is finally paying off today.”

Roberts agreed that reaching the milestone was not easy as they had to balance sports, academics, their social life and then, deal with coronavirus.

“As a class, we’ve lost so much and complained so little because we understand that what we give up now will keep us safe in the future. I’m grateful that we are still able to celebrate graduation in this way. We must acknowledge the resilience in the Class of 2020. No matter how many obstacles there were, we still managed to find a way to overcome what stood before us.”

Selma High Principal Guillermo Lopez said he was proud of the students’ ability to show academic excellence despite the unprecedented obstacles.

“No matter where you go, or what you do, there are challenges ahead of you, such as our current reality of COVID-19. What I’m asking of each one of you is to meet those challenges with your head held high and your heart wide open.”

He challenged the graduates to do all they could to reach their full potential in life and in closing, encouraged them to tackle life’s problems by observing, analyzing and adapting to overcome them.

“Class of 2020, you are the class to make history and you will be the class to make a better future.”

The Top 25 students were also recognized in the virtual ceremony before students were announced to receive their diplomas. These include Julie Aceves Amezola, Brandi Aguilera, Ubaldo Apolinar-Delacueva, Anna Armstrong, Simran Bains, Danielle Carillo, Kim Diaz, Dale Fransen, Jason Ganger, Gabriel Coronado Gonzalez, Jose, Hernandez Reyes, Jasmine Lozano Castillo, Claire Machado, Noelle Marroquin, Siany McGovern, Daisy Michelle Pacheco, Jasmyn Pena, Giselle Perez, Katarina Quintana, Brendan Roberts, Jacob Rodriguez, Seth Ruiz, Simran Sahota, Galilea Torres and Madeleine Vasquez.

The Selma High Class of 2020 includes:


Juan Jose Acevedo Montes

Julie Alessandra

Aceves Amezola

Jose Antonio Aguayo Gonzalez

Aaron Michael Aguilar

Jasmine Marie Aguilar

Cielo Guadalupe Aguilar Molina

AnaMaria Aguilera

Brandi Renee Aguilera

Jesus Angel Aguilera

Afrah Alamri

Asmahan Alamri

Gabreilla Rene Alcala

Jorge Jose Alcocer JR

Peyton Andrew Allbritton

Alexis Marie Allison

Paige Justine Almaguer

Antonia Beatriz Alonso Garcia

Jennifer Elizabeth Altamirano

Evelyn Margarita Altamirano-Rangel

Linno Alvarado

Mary Mackenzie Alves

Ramiro Ambrocio Reyes

Carlos Alfredo Anguiano Torres

Ubaldo Apolinar-Delacueva

Bejan Paul Aragon

Juan Manuel Aragon Valdovinos

Alexis Antonio Arango Careno

Esmeralda Arango Perez

Anna Victoria Armstrong

Leonardo Daniel Arreguin

Eduardo Arreola

Diana Karina Arrequin

Angelo Joe Atkinson Franco

Desiree Azalia Austin

Eddie Memphis Avalos

Carlos Dionisio Avendano Arevalo

Gregoria Margarita Avila

Mia Yahira Unika Ayon


Jennie Jasmin Badillo

Tamara Baez

Al-Muatsem Shamsan Thabit Bahaj

Ryan Singh Bains

Simran Singh Bains

Angel Renee Banuelos

Carolyne Barajas-Cortez

Grecia Barranco-Lopez

Jose Antonio Barrita Aguilar

Freddy Filemon Barrita Camarillo

Isiah Thomas Barron

Sarina Kaur Batth

Juan Elijah Bautista

Macario Gabriel Bejarano

Leslie Eugenia Bemol Garcia

Luis Eulalio Bernal

Madison Sierra Blancaz

Alexandria Breana Bonilla

Andrew Bonilla

Aimee Bribiesca

Kaitlin Shae Brightwell

Christopher Raul Bue

Pedro Ulises Bustos-Contreras


Martin Caballero Martinez

Celeste Calvillo

Jesus Alejandro Camacho Aguilera

Joshua Renee Cantu

Briseida Vanessa Cardenas

Bryan Cardenas

Dario Martin Cardenas

Edward Justin Carranza

Brycen Quint Carrasco

Danielle Makayla Carrillo

Richmond William Case

Edward Anthony Castaneda

Nicole Araceli Castaneda

Alyssa Giselle Castellanos

Anthony Joseph Gregory Castillo

James Castillo

Faith Marie Rose Castleman

Noah Roman Cedano

Noah Leonoll Centeno-Jeff

Johnnie Cerda III

Marganita Reche Chambers

Abigail Blanca Chavez

Aytana Inez Chavez

Samuel Chavez

Miguel Angel Chavez Miranda

Ricky Lynn Coker

Jasmine Contreras Hernandez

Daijsha Cordero

Gabriel Coronado Gonzalez

Bianca Angelica Correa

Jose Miguel Cortes Ortiz

Oceana Rose Cousins

Stephanie Cruz

Ashley Cruz Pedro

Kelvin Cruz-Gonzalez

Cloey Sky Cuevas

Marisol Del Campo


Kaylene Adrianna Delgadillo

Darpreet Singh Dhillon

Brian Diaz

Isaiah Benjamin Diaz

Kimberly Cristina Diaz

Roman Doloris

Mario Sonny Dominguez

Natalie Dominguez

Valery Dominguez Ogaz

Jacquelyn Duarte


Daniela Elias

Christian Escobar

Osirys Espiritu

Adrian Estrada

Jimmy Blake Estrada

Jose Luis Estrada Luna

Katelyn Love Evans


Alyssa Marie Fabela

Christopher Daniel Fabela

Fran David Fabian Gomez

Efren Fernando Felipe

Ruben Fernandez

Samantha Elizabeth Fierro

Leslie Figueroa Zamora

Miguel Angel Figueroa-Sobarza

Andrew Jacob Flores

Clarice Fatima Flores

David Flores

Leslie Flores

Monserrat Flores

Dominic Isaiah Fontanilla

Dale Charles Fransen

Angelica Frutis

Esteban Andres Fuentes


Laila Loren Gallardo

Jason Singh Ganger

Aerika Marlene Garcia

Daniel Garcia

Eddie Enrique Garcia

Joseph Garcia

Lexani Luisa Garcia

Maria Fernanda Garcia

Rosaelena Rangel Garcia

Rudy Angel Garcia III

Roman Garcia Lopez

Aldo Garcia Perez

Natalie Emily Garcia Salinas

Maria Guadalupe Garibay Garibay

David Anthony Garza

Isaiah Gastelum

Shawn Ghilardi

Eliza Jacqueline Godinez Ortega

Analyssa Gomez

Bianca Alondra Gomez

Damian Gomez

Hortencia Rosario Gomez

Isaiah Jordan Gomez

Priscila Cecilia Gomez

Gustavo Gonzalez

Robert Gonzalez III

Elisabet Gonzalez Juarez

Alyssa Bree Grijalva

Mia Marie Guerrero

Wilfrido Guevara

Dante Ivan Guicho

Elijah Francisco Guizar

Daniel Eduardo Guzman


Melanie Victoria Hamilton

Madison Callie Hamm

Jacob Warren Harris

John Day Henke

Alex Martin Hernandez JR

Anel Hernandez

Brianna Hernandez

Destiny Jazmine Hernandez

Isaiah Adam Hernandez

Jesus Hernandez

Karissa Amber Hernandez

Mark Anthony Hernandez

Matthew Niko Hernandez

Steven Isaac Hernandez

Paulina Hernandez Roman

Randy Hernandez-Hernandez

Jose Miguel Hernandez-Reyes

Yasmin Hernandez-Sanchez

Caleb-Joshua Bastien Herrera

Daniela Angeliqu Herrera

Laura Fernanda Herrera

Angel Alberto Herrera Escobar

Shanan Audrice Hicks JR

Daniel John Holeman JR

Jeremiah Doc Holliday

Chandler Dean Howard


Yessenia Isidro Bautista


Roberto Jose Jauregui JR

Anahi Bridiana Jimenez

Gregorio G. Jimenez

Rodolfo Eduardo Jimenez Barrita

Arnol Josafat Juarez Sanchez

Brayan Eduardo Juarez Ulivarria


Kawthar Obadi Saleh Kassim

Gurpreet Kaur

Manjot Kaur

Navpreet Kaur

Sunpreet Singh Kular


Miguel Angel Landeros

Danielle Leon

Alina Lupita Lopez

Erika Ann Lopez

Evelyn Lopez

Jazline Lopez Gonzalez

Mya Marie Lopez

Nikolas Isaiah Lopez

Irving Kenneth Lopez Luna

Daisy Mirella Lopez Ramirez

Alexis Yahir Lopez Reyes

Samuel Lopez-Paulino

America Jacqueline Loya

Jasmine Jacquelyn Lozano Castillo

Gabriela Lucio

Tristan Jonathan Lujan

Sitlalic Elizeth Luna


Claire Michelle Machado

Jared David Mahan

Miriam Estefania Marquez-Silva

Noelle Monique Marroquin

Alton Marshall

Fred Martinez

Gabriel Jesus Martinez

Issa Lopez Martinez

Lauren Danielle Martinez

Richard Francisco Martinez

Samuel Ethan Martinez

Ramon Martinez Gonzalez

Nayeli Martinez Lopez

Agustin Epifanio Martinez-Cruz

Dania Lilia Matias Hernandez

Siany Valeria McGovern

Eduardo Benjamin Medina

Monica Medina

Christopher Melgoza

Jennifer Mendez Leon

Karissa Lysette Mendoza

Melanie Alison Mendoza

Fidel De Jesus Mendoza Gutierrez

Gladys Yvette Mijangos

Nayely Mijangos

Marlene Mijangos Guzman

Negma Abdalla Saleh Mohamed

Jennifer Mojarro-Gutierrez

Alyssa Montemayor

Nathan James Montero

Tristan Cage Moore

Isaac Morales

Jaylynn Antionette Morales

Samantha Grace Morales

Seth Corvera Morales

Yuliana Morales

Clarissa Renae Moreno

Genesis Erin Moreno

Jose Moreno JR

Maraya Marie Moreno

Alberto Joshua Moreno Mendoza

Nicholas Alexander Mullins

Albert Munoz Quinonez

Katrina Denae Murillo

Devin Michael Luis Murphy


Guranand Nahal

Mohit S. Narr

Sukhdeep Narr

Luis Daniel Noguez Martinez


Kevin Oblea

Aldo Ochoa

Sandra Magaly Ontiveros Diaz

Cynthia Jazmine Orbananos Diaz

Sarahi Ordaz Lopez

Daniel Ornelas-Ramirez

Gladys Milagros Oropeza

Gage Tanner Orosco

Fidel Ortega Sanchez

Iris Karina Ortega Sanchez

Georgina Rebeca Osorno


Ashley Elia Pacheco

Daisy Michelle Pacheco

Jennifer Pacheco Ramirez

Juan Manuel Padilla Salazar

Jasmyn Alexis Pena

Araceli Perez

Daniel Hernan Perez

Gisselle Diane Perez

Marco Antonio Perez

Nashell Alexa Perez

Allen Devon Perez Arreola

Edgar Perez-Madrigal

Cesar Octavio Pineda Barron JR

Jorge Pinon

Jason Brian Porras JR

Matthew William Portillo

Ulysses Pulido


Katarina Michelle Quintana

Jose Roberto Quintanilla JR

Leslie Jacqueline Quintero Ruelas


Danielle Marie Ragatz

Brisa Jamileth Ramirez

David Ramirez

Isabella Ramirez

Jillian Renee Ramirez

Juan Jose Ramirez

Karina Ramirez

Makayla Christine Ramirez

Matthew Ryan Ramirez

Jesus Andres Guadalupe Ramirez Nunez

Xochitl Ramirez Perez

Kevin Ramirez Ramirez

Cristian Ramos

Estephania Ramos Luna

Angelica Rangel

Gianna Marie Rangel

Lisandro Rangel Lopez

Maria Isabel Rangel-Saenz

Poonam Rattu

Romina Fernanda Rendon

Michael Anthony Renovato

Kevin Ryan Resendez

Arath Julian Resendiz

Anthony Jireh Reyes

Kaylee Kai Reyes

Veronica Maria Reyes

Jaimen Jose Reyes Venegas

Ulices Jonathan Reynaga-Martinez

Savanna Skye Reynolds

Miriam Teresa Rios Hernandez

Eleni Tory Rivera

Jacob Ray Rivera

Jocelyn Rivera

Esmeralda Rivera-Chavez

Brendan Kyle Roberts

Fredo Isaac Robles

Makenzie Belle Rocha

Alondra Rodriguez

Jacob Ramon Rodriguez

Adam Josias Rodriquez

Noel Romero-Diaz

Julian Elias Roque

Katherine Marie Roque

Miguel Rene Roque

Christopher Nathaniel Rosas

Praxedis Ruelas Aguilar

Naomi Miriam Ruiz

Seth Austin Ruiz

Mason William Rushing


Simran Kaur Sahota

Michelle Nicole Josephine Sainz

Genesis Sinahi Salazar

Litzy Rachel Salazar

Joanna Salazar Martinez

Julian Shawn Salazar-Ashurst

Reaven Alicia Saldivar

Alsadi Abdulla Abdulrahman Saleh

Mia Joelle Inez Salinas

Emily Rose Sanchez

Gabriel Noe Sanchez

Miguel Joel Sanchez

Sergio Armando Sanchez

Victoria Alejandra Sanchez

Vivian Sanchez

David Sanchez Martinez

Nelson Gabriel Sanchez Wilson

Nicholas Alan Sandoval

Victor Manuel Santana-Cortez

Abraham Santiago

Ariel Faith Santiago

Erick Octavio Santiago

George Rogelio Santillan

Aran Serimian

Chance Bo Short II

Davida Angeique Silva

Fatima Demetia Silva

Edward Ivan Simon

Jada Karina Smith

Jose Emmanuel Sotelo

Julian Soto Zuniga

Alex Jose Sustaita


Angel Talamantez

Lesly Johana Tinajero Lopez

Brianna Anabel Tirado

Harshjot Kaur Toor

Galilea Torres

Nehemiah Jacob Corpus Torres

Sophia Torres

Erik Raul Trejo Rocha

Jose Trejo Rocha


Parnit Uppal

Benjamin Uresti

Danielle Anna Uribe

Eduardo Alexander Urieta


Ashley Irene Valdenegro Rocha

Jacob Gabriel Valdez

John Stevens Valdez JR

Victoria Ann Valdez

Adolfo Valdovinos JR

Jesus Valentin

Rigoberto Valenzuela

Alissa Vargas

Escarlet Vargas

Cristian Alfredo Vasquez

Lisbeth Vasquez

Madeleine Jimenez Vasquez

Makayla Kristlyne Vasquez

Maria Angelica Vasquez

Magali Noemi Vasquez Garcia

Mari Rocio Vasquez Lopez

Kathy Vega

Makaylah Marie Velasquez

Gilberto Venegas Rosas JR

Leslie Cittlaly Vidales

Giovany Villalobos Torres

Jose Benito Villanueva Hernandez

Danny Manuel Villegas


Christiana Renae Wallace

Joshua Daniel White

Pebbles Renee Wingfield

William Quentin Winter


Santana Yanez JR

Andrew Jake Gabriel Yesne


Anela Mihalia Zamora

Emilia Marie Zavala

Saralu Zavala

George Agustin Zuniga III

Laura Maldonado can be reached at 583-2427 or

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