S.T.A.R. students: Roosevelt

Roosevelt’s Shooting S.T.A.R. students were named by their school for staying safe, taking responsibility, acting respectfully and being ready to learn.

KINGSBURG – Roosevelt Elementary students who were chosen as Roosevelt’s Shooting S.T.A.R.s were named by their school recently. The acronym S.T.A.R. stands for Stay Safe, Take Responsibility, Act Respectfully, Ready to Learn.

The students are, from left to right, in front, Preston Reddell, Alfonso Garcia, Christian Soria Gonzalez and Angel Aparicio.

In the middle row are Aiden Jones, Dominik Gagnon, Kristiana Lopez, Damian Jaramillo, Alison Perez Lopez, Tye Nelson and Emily Perez.

In the back row are Sophia Palacio, Skylee Mondello, Rylan Hungren, Cielo Bowers, Sophie Vaquera, Alexiah Munoz, Brynn Hard and Sayla Coats.

Not pictured is Cheyenne Sarkisian.

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