Remember: Hosiery

A vintage 1951 Vogue magazine advertisement shows Virginia Maid Stockings Hosiery made with seams and touted as being “sheer loveliness.”

A long, long time ago, stockings were made by sewing a piece of fabric together to fit a woman's leg – thus forming the back seam. In the 1940’s, nylon - the material which was predominately used to make hosiery at the time - became a scarce commodity as it was needed to create uniforms for the U.S. Army during the war. (From “Stockings with seams” online, Mar. 2, 2017) Nylon fabric was also used in making parachutes.

For a woman, to be properly dressed included having straight seams in nylons. Nylons came in pairs – one for each leg, held up by garters.

My friend and I heard someone say, “Seems kind of funny.” We laughed. We were thinking of seams in hosiery.

Before nylons, there were silk hose. I wore my first pair of hose, silk hose, for my ninth grade graduation. In Los Angeles in the 40’s, junior high was grades seven, eight and nine. I was short, and the stockings were long. I had a hard time keeping them up, much less, straight.

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If you had a runner in your nylons, you could stand in a long line in the dime store where a lady repaired runners while you waited - for a small price.

Nylons were a big hit, especially seamless ones.

Panty hose are a blessing – no garters, no seams to worry about and no unmatched pairs.

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