Remember: Shopping was a joy

Selma’s Maxine Clark harkens back to a time when shoppers were kind and God’s gift of Christ brought joy.

At Christmastime in the city in the 50’s, people greeted each other with smiles and laughter - people who did not know each other- because it was Christmas. If someone dropped a package, a whole sidewalk of people came to the rescue. Christmas puts joy in the heart. Is it the joy of giving? I like to think so.

It was 2,000 years ago when God gave the gift of His Son to the world. That was the first Christmas. God’s present is still present and available to all who want Him.

In the 50’s, I worked in Downtown Los Angeles. During my lunch hour I stood next to a building on Broadway Street and watched happy shoppers pass by.

Christmas music from outdoor speakers added to the spirit of the day. Sometimes I heard the tinkling bell of those who collected money to buy groceries and gifts for people who would not have a Christmas.

When we give joy away, it comes back to us. Giving is joy.

Have a joyful Christmas!

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