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Representatives with Mid Valley Disposal stand with Ramos Torres Winery manager Julia Truesdell, center, after the business was named as the Recycler of the Year. Pictured from left to right are Alfredo Alvarez, Isaac Kulikoff, Truesdell, Ivette Rodriguez and Marianna Fusich-Waller. 

KINGSBURG – Locally owned and operated Mid Valley Disposal announced that Ramos Torres Winery has been named as their City of Kingsburg Recycler of the Year.

This award is given to a business that is making a difference in the environment by reducing waste, recycling and conserving resources in communities during the previous year of 2019.

Mid Valley Disposal selected Ramos Torres Winery because of their company-wide recycling programs, educational efforts and diversion efforts. Education has been crucial to the success of their programs; in turn recycling bins have been free of contamination.

Ramos Torres Winery makes every effort to reuse their products. For example, they cut and turn their old wine bottles into candles and decorations. On average, Ramos Torres Winery diverts 696 pounds of recyclables from landfills a month. The team at Ramos Torres Winery is continuously striving to make their company a clean and eco-friendly environment. Their efforts were recognized during the Chamber of Commerce’s Awards dinner on Jan. 16.

About Mid Valley Disposal

Mid Valley Disposal is a local, privately held recycling and waste management company located in the heart of California’s Central Valley. Mid Valley Disposal strives to have an active role in the community by participating in local events, visiting classrooms around the community providing recycling education, and by delivering the best personalized service we can to each of our customers.

About Ramos Torres Winery

As a first-generation native Californian born of Mexican descent, Oscar Ramos grew up in the San Joaquin Valley near Fresno. Growing up as the son of a farm-working family, his parents taught him how to care for grapevines and the soil.

He developed a strong connection to the land and the vine which developed into a passion that became his life’s pursuit. As his farming career developed, so did his interest in wine and his curiosity in the sciences of viticulture and enology. He enrolled in California State University, Fresno, to quench his thirst for knowledge.

Upon graduating from Fresno State in 2003 with a degree in enology, Ramos Torres initiated his career in the wine industry with his first crush as assistant winemaker to Jim Van Haun at Cedar View Winery.

The Ramos Torres brand was born while he continued winemaking at Cedar View during the 2005 vintage. Although Ramos Torres’ first vintage produced only 200 cases, it was still an exhilarating achievement and would set the stage for future success.

In 2008, Oscar opened the Ramos Torres tasting room in Kingsburg and the wines proved prosperous within the community. Meanwhile, Ramos Torres was beginning to outgrow the small facility that they shared with Cedar View Winery. Thus, he undertook an expansion to the tasting room building to house a new winery. In 2012, Ramos Torres had its first full crush at the new winery.

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