Lincoln: Caring students

Lincoln Elementary named its Students of the Month for March for showing the character trait of caring.

KINGSBURG – Caring students were chosen as the Students of the Month for March at Lincoln Elementary. The following students were picked for displaying this character trait: in the top row, Shora Alawgari, Pemberley Robinson, Natalie Shamp, Loagan Navarro, Greyson Adams, Knox Waddle, Juan Diego Hernandez, Verity Edmonds, Joseph Deleon, Natalia Zaragoza Frausto, Ivanna Bastida, Mace Bartel, Aneha Mohan, Carly Toliver and Heriberto Cash Tamez. On the bottom, in front of the playground equipment, are students Claudia Gonzalez Garcia, Khloe Orosco, Eli Protzmann, Margaret Frost and Lucas Mora.

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