Regarding Mr. [Ken] Robison’s personal problem; “I just can’t wrap my brain (or my heart) around the opinion that there are folks in America who believe everyone should speak English in our country.”

I’m surprised and disappointed that he is not a polyglot and that “The Enterprise Recorder” is not also printed in ‘Arabic, French, German, Russian, Swedish, Tagalog, Hindi, Polish, Urdu, Bantu and several languages of indigenous Americans.’ How dare you, Mr. Robison, for expressing your idea in just one language!

We must recognize that the purpose of a standard national language is to facilitate the ease of communication efficiency. This needed explaining?

My wife’s native tongue is Ilocano, and she also speaks Tagalog and English. My sister-in-law grew up in Mexico and speaks fluent Spanish and English, and I am learning Norwegian. I, too, have traveled to many places in the world. Guess what? There is always some native person who tries or does speak English. It’s the business language of the world. Doubt me? Go travel. And ask any pilot what language they need to learn.

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So we all speak and read English in America because that is what the majority of people in the “United” States speak. It’s the ‘majority’ language here, both in business and education.

I do not applaud Mr. Robison’s ill-conceived embrace of his friend’s multi-culturalism view because the world simply does not work that way. If you have any doubts, please go to China, Japan, Poland, any part of Russia and start praising a ‘world of multiculturalism’ in English and report back on the response. Go ask a Navajo what he thinks of the Hopi and please, for all of us here in diversity land, ask a Jew if she should learn Levantine Arabic.

Steven D. Johnson,


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