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This Thanksgiving Holiday weekend presents an opportunity to not only wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving, but to also share with you my appreciation for the sacrifice and loyal service from every single one of you.

The team effort that goes into ensuring that our assets are fully ready to deploy and carry out their mission is no small feat. Around the globe, your contributions that take place day in, day out is what helps ensure that a vigilant watch is in full effect. I’m particularly grateful for the enthusiasm and professionalism that is symbolic of Naval Air Station Lemoore. There is nothing more contagious. Or perhaps there is.

Our installation is quickly tuning into a place where challenges are met with the creativity and sensibility to offer solutions that traverse the status quo. The new Commander Strike Fighter Wing Pacific (CSFWP) Naval Aviation Maintenance Center of Excellence (NAMCE) is at the tip of the spear with F/A-18 E/F maintenance practices. Fleet Readiness Center West is working on 3-D printing solutions and machining that help supplement our aircraft component needs. Commander Joint Strike Fighter Wing (CJSFW) has stood up and the 5th generation F-35C is flying daily at NAS Lemoore. I’m grateful for the innovation that takes place here. Such innovation contributes directly to our mission readiness.

Behind our aircrews and maintainers there is the cadre of support services that align themselves and offer a continuous stream of care and impactful contributions ranging from infrastructure support to child and family services. Thank you to our first responders of Security and FEDFIRE who keep us safe and are always on watch. We support the Fleet – Fighter – Family. I’m grateful for the contributions that are not only integral to the sustainment of our quality of life, but also have an effect on our mission readiness.

There is another element I would like to express my gratitude for. This entails the conscientious determination of everyone who upholds our Navy Core Values, particularly in the form of making the right choice to not drive under the influence of any substance. As we gather with friends and family this holiday season, never forget how you fit into the larger picture of the purpose behind our presence here. The expectation to uphold this key tenant of not driving under the influence is conveyed repeatedly, in many forms. Yet, allow me to take a moment to say thank you for any one of you who may have been confronted, or will be confronted in the future, for not risking the lives of our community neighbors, your loved ones, your shipmates, and your very own.

I urge you to be safe and enjoy this well-deserved long weekend.

From my family to yours, thank you for all that you do.

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All my best,

Captain David James

Commanding Officer, NAS Lemoore

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