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Self-Promotion Month is an annual designation observed in October. The idea behind celebrating this month is to boost the idea that there’s nothing wrong with being your own best promoter. After all, for us in the U.S. Navy we draft our EVAL or FITREP inputs, which is one of our key opportunities to officially self-promote.

Did you know 80 percent of the world’s population does not feel comfortable actively promoting themselves? It’s easy to feel like we’re bragging or being pushy when we speak or act in ways that show we think highly of ourselves or our work. But if we do it right, it can result in big opportunities.


Self-Promotion Month was founded by international business speaker Debbie Allen. She had a goal in mind to raise awareness that being a self-promoter, and doing it shamelessly, is a great way to be bold and get noticed.

How to observe

Promote yourself. Let everyone know what makes you great. Use #SelfPromotionMonth to post on social media. To help you do it right, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you be a successful self-promoter.

  1. Work on personal growth, and your professional growth will come right along with it. The more you believe in yourself and the work you do, the more genuine you’ll be as a self-promoter, and people will trust that sincerity.
  2. Act upon every opportunity you get, and always seek new ones. Sometimes, the best ways to help ourselves professionally are right under our nose, and we look past them. Don’t think about it too much. If you notice an opportunity, don’t ever pass it up.
  3. Network, network, network. In the professional world, WHO you know is often more important than WHAT you know. Making connections is a great way to self-promote, and if you do that, you’ll probably have others promoting you as well.
  4. Always ask for referrals and offer to be a referral source yourself. Having another person account for your success adds a big foundation for promoting the great work you do.
  5. Be a sponge. No matter how much of an expert you are (or think you are), there is always more to learn. Soak it all in. Stay open and eager to learn new things and other perspectives.
  6. Do not neglect the importance of public speaking. Some, it has been said, would prefer to die than to speak in front of an audience. Your ability to convey your thoughts and sentiments is instrumental for effective communication, and thereby, any self-promotion.
  7. Mark your calendar for the Career Development Symposium heading to our installation for a morning (Base Theater) and afternoon session (VFA-122 Eagles’ Nest) on 1 Nov. Sailors will also be able to meet face to face with detailers and community managers to discuss orders, career paths, and ask questions. Chiefs, especially, are encouraged to bring their Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) Sailors to discuss rating assignments. PACT Sailors may potentially leave CDS with a rate. For more information visit your command NCC or the NAS Lemoore official Facebook page:

Ultimately, when self-promoting, I would encourage you take into account those who have helped you get where you are at and, for our Sailors, self-promote while upholding our U.S. Navy values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

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All my best,

Captain David James

Commanding Officer, NAS Lemoore

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