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The Navy Exchange Service Command runs numerous NEXs and Navy Lodges to support military members and their families stationed overseas as well as for Sailors who may make a port call while out to sea.

“We have NEX facilities, mini marts, gas stations, food outlets and Navy Lodges located on Navy installations all over the world,” said Rear Adm. Robert J. Bianchi (Ret), Chief Executive Officer, NEXCOM. “We want our military members and their families to have access to the same products overseas as they would if they were stationed in the United States. We know our locations bring that little sense of home to our military families stationed away from their loved ones.”

NEXCOM has NEX and Navy Lodge locations throughout Japan, Guam and Europe as well as in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Pearl Harbor; Djibouti, Africa, and Jebel Ali, Dubai. The size and scope of NEX retail and services vary depending on location and customer needs. NEX facilities can range in size from a small mini mart, such as the 550-square-foot store in Romania to a nearly 126,000-square-foot NEX in Pearl Harbor.

NEX Yokosuka, Japan, one of the largest overseas NEXs, offers many facilities throughout the base to provide quality goods and services to its customers. In addition to the main store, it also offers food outlets such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Market Basket, Baskin Robins, Pizza Hut, Subway and Popeyes to bring a little taste of the U.S. to the base. In addition, there are many services available for customers including car rental, laundry/dry cleaning, a Tailor Shop, Uniform Shop, Western Union, Flower Shop, Optical Shop, a Car Care Center, Barber/Beauty Shop and a kennel with grooming services. Finally, the NEX has several mini marts and a Fleet Store located around the base to serve customers where they live and work.

Having overseas locations has also allowed NEXCOM some unique opportunities. For instance, the NEX Romania mini mart is the first cashless location; it only accepts Master Card, Visa and MILITARY STAR Card. The first Subway and Pizza Hut to open in the Horn of Africa was at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti. Finally, the first overseas Micro Market and the first located in a barrack opened in Bldg. 766 Warrior Hall aboard NSA 2 in Bahrain.

“The unique nature of being overseas has allowed us to work closely with the local commands to truly offer what is best for our Sailors and their families,” said Bob Bishop, NEXCOM District Vice President, Europe. “For instance, NEX Jebel Ali, Dubai, located on a compound occupied by the U.S. Navy, carries a variety of products specifically tailored to what an afloat Sailor pulling into port would need. We pride ourselves on having what our customers need where they need it.”

For customers who are unable to find what they need, most NEX locations overseas also offer the Ship to Shore Program which allows customers to have their merchandise shipped free to a store rather than having it delivered to their home. The average delivery time to an overseas NEX is 7–10 days. Check for locations participating in the Ship to Shore Program.

NEX and Navy Lodges also offer a sense of home and community through the many events planned throughout the year. Most Navy Lodges offer weekly Manager Receptions where guests can get together to swap stories or share information on a duty station. Some Navy Lodges also host movie nights or holiday events, such as trick-or-treating for Halloween for their youngest guests. NEX locations also host a variety of family-friendly events including NEXCares, back-to-school festivities, 5K runs, pet adoptions and more.

“We know we’re more than just a store to families living overseas,” said Bishop. “We work very hard to provide them what they need, including that sense of home.”

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