My name is Narinder "Nick" Sahota, and I am running for Selma Unified School District's Board of Trustee seat in Area 2.

As a dedicated member of the Selma community for over 30 years, it is my honor to step up to serve this community. This is extremely near and dear to my heart, so please take a moment to consider the facts as you endorse the right candidate for this job.

This is especially important as our community's students are those that are most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we need to make an informed decision for the sake of our children's futures.

The Selma community is not at all new to me. I attended High School here, and just like so many of us, as a first-generation American I have had the distinct privilege to live out the American dream here in our bustling community. After high school, I attended Fresno State and earned a bachelor's degree in Engineering and have thrived as a small businessman who has chosen to own and operate Central Valley Engineering and Surveying from the heart of downtown Selma so that we can continue to bring jobs and commerce to our community.

Beyond my personal successes, I have gone out of my way to serve the community whenever possible. I have founded the Selma Business Alliance which helps businesses form in our community, the Selma United Sports Club that has brought sports for our youth, and also lead a volunteer action committee that has served over 45,000 meals to those in need within our community. I have also shown leadership as the President of the Selma Rotary Club, Director of the Selma Chamber of Commerce, Director of the Raisin Bargaining Association, and Vice-Chair of the Fresno County Housing and Community Development committee.

The Selma Unified School District is what launched me to accomplish what I have been able to do thus far — and my three children who are still in the school system have allowed me to intimately remain involved over the years. I know this community from the inside and out, and I humbly request that as citizens of the City of Selma are voting this year, please make the decision to vote for the candidate that has shown dedication to serving the community and knows how to mobilize our resources to ensure that our children have the brightest future possible. 

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