A few years ago I went to our junior high's leadership class to talk about safety and anti-bullying. The class made posters for me and I made them a promise to bring up every safety and anti-bullying item that was on those posters as either a discussion item or action item and I did.

If elected I will do it again. I spearheaded many agenda items that got approved and some that didn't, but I was working for our kids and parents, not the establishment. Also, I can only remember around three items the majority brought up the five years I was there (really). Our local swamp misleads the public about me because I hold them accountable, and I am not beholden to them. I am the ALTERNATIVE. A vote for Orosco is a vote to get things done, hold people accountable, and to put kids first once again.

                                                                                             Roger Orosco


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